Visit to Trayambakeswaram Temple! Post No. 2375


Written by London swaminathan

Date: 9 December 2015

Post No. 2375


Time uploaded in London :– 11-31 AM

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I was fortunate enough to visit five places Mumbai, Trayambakeswar, Panchavati, Muktidham and Shirdi under good weather conditions. I give below my experience, observations and ideas for improvement. I was moved by the blind faith of the devotees who are the followers of Lord Shiva and Lord Ram. In contrast to South Indian temples where we see much show with women in silk saris and men in silk dhotis with hour long rituals, people in the North simply worshipped without any pomp.


We went to Trayambakeswar via Nashik from Mumbai. Being a Sunday we had to wait in the queue for nearly four hours. First we tried the special Q where one can pay Rs.200 and have quick Darshan. But we understood that there was a special time table for the paid Darshan. When we reached the sanctum sanctorum, it was Four O clock and the special Q also merged with us.

Trayambakeswar is one of the twelve important Shiva shrines spreading over from Rameswaram in the South to Kedarnath in the Northern Himalayas. They are called Dwadasa Jyotirlinga Shrines. Three of them are in Maharashtra.


Tortoise Mystery

I was surprised to see a big tortoise carved on the marble floor in front of the god. I have already written two articles about the mystery of tortoise. That is the longest living land animal with a life span of 300 years. That is the reason Lord Krishna mentioned it in Bhagavad Gita. Tamil literature also mentioned it. The second mystery is the Dwajasthambas (Flag staff) in Kerala temples are on the figure of a tortoise. This is not seen anywhere else. This mystery was not explained in any other scriptures. The third tortoise mystery is the Chinese belief that a turtle came with a magic square on it shell (adds up to No. 15= Kubera Yantra) and that is considered a lucky number. To my surprise shops in Panchavati and other places are selling yantras with tortoise picture. But we have no explanation for it in our scriptures. We know only the Kurmavatara of Vishnu and turtle shell, as a part of Lord Siva’s dress. (Please read my earlier articles on the tortoise mystery)

12 jyotirlinga

Here are some suggestions for improvement:


One disappointing thing was the flowers that devotees bought were taken by a woman even before we entered the Garbagriha and she gave us back a few flowers or leaves as Prasad. Devotees should be allowed to take at least a few flowers inside to offer them to the god.



In the Balaji temple at Tirupati, one would know where he stands in the Q. The sheds are numbered. In the same way the trust can number the lines and make announcement about the approximate time of waiting. For instance they can say, “ if you are in line 22, you will have to wait for at least three hours”.


Actually, we started in line 22 and it took three and a half hours to reach the Jyotirlinga. Though we were able to watch the Garbagriha and the main deity over big screen while waiting, there was no music. At least sweet devotional songs or Shiva Bhajans may be broadcast. Water facility for the people in the Q was good. Another suggestion is about the special Q. there was utter confusion and stampede in the junction where it merged with the ordinary Darshan Q. to avoid such stampede, there may be two lines : one for the special Q and another for ordinary Q. both can approach the deity at the same time.


There is a tradition to pour water over the Linga throughout the day. So the priests were doing Abishek with water now and then. I read in a book that the gold Kavasa (shield) is brought in a palanquin every Monday. Probably it has three faces of Shiva.


IMG_8070 (2)

Outside the temple all the devotees get this beautiful Trisula Mudra!

Hindu Stamps please!!

Modi Government should issue postage stamps for all the 12 Jyotirlinga shrines ,108 Vaishnavite shrines and 51 Sakti shrines. All the Christian countries such as UK, USA, Canada, Australia issue Christmas stamps every year. I have got hundreds of Christmas stamps with Christmas themes in my album. I have got stamps from Muslim countries in my album with mosques on it. All the Buddhist countries like Sri Lanka, Burma, Thailand, and Laos have issued hundreds of stamps for Buddha. Why shouldn’t we issue stamps for all the one hundred thousand temples in India?  The British boldly issued stamps with Hindu temples, when they ruled India. But secular India issued only stamps with Hindu statues or temples with architecture as its focus. It must issue stamps with religious focus.


IMG_8069 (2)



Read also my articles on Panchavati and Muktidham





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  1. Stampede when two lines merge is the Indian speciality. It happens at European airports for flights departing to India.Even folks who have lived in US and UK do not follow lines at these times.

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