Socialism is 16 cents each! (Post No. 2616)


Compiled by london swaminathan


Date: 10 March 2016


Post No. 2616


Time uploaded in London :–  14-27


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God of Thieves!


Among the Romans, the deity who presided over commerce and banking was Mercury, who, by strange association, was also the god of thieves and of orators. The Romans who looked upon the merchants with contempt, fancied there was a resemblance between theft and merchandising and they easily found a figurative connection between theft and eloquence; hence thieves, merchants and orators were placed under the superintendence of the same deity.



On the Seventeenth of May, in each year, the merchants held a public festival, and walked in procession to the temple of mercury, for the purpose, the satirist said, of begging pardon of that deity for all the lying and cheating they have found it convenient to practice, in the way of business, during the preceding year.




Orange Woman


One time in Mexico, Carleton Beals had fallen into the habit of buying two oranges from an orange woman near his house. One day, when he was planning to give a party, he undertook to buy her entire stock of four dozen oranges.


Severely she said, “Here are your two”, and handed him his usual purchase.


“But this time I want to buy all the rest of them”.


“Why”, she said outraged, “you can’t; what do you think I would do all the rest of the day with no oranges to sell!”





Socialism is 16 cents each!


Andrew Carnegie was once visited by a socialist who preached to him eloquently the injustice of one man possessing so much money. He preached a more equitable distribution of wealth. Carnegie cut the matter short by asking his secretary for a generalised statement of his many possessions and holdings, at the same time looking up the figures on world population in his almanac he figured for a moment on his desk pad and then instructed his secretary,

“Give this gentleman 16 cents. That is his share of my wealth.





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  1. R Nanjappa

     /  March 10, 2016

    The illustrations are just fantastic! They convey much more than words can ever do. I particularly like way the three evil forces have been grouped, who are still considered ‘great leaders’- Stalin. Hitler and Mao. Many Indians are not aware of history. While some may know that Hitler caused the Second World War, and killed millions, most Indians do not know about the killings of Mao and Stalin. They were actually worse devils than Hitler because, while Hitler killed mainly Jews, Stalin and Mao killed their own people. And Mao killed twice more than Hitler, and Stalin was thrice as big a killer! Most socialist leaders , Indians ( including Nehru) and others, do not talk about the killings of Mao and Stalin.. The pictures and the figures printed therein convey the gist of what can only be found after reading many articles in Wikipedia.This should open the eyes of many. This is a valuable service you have done.

    On 10 March 2016 at 19:57, Tamil and Vedas wrote:

    > Tamil and Vedas posted: ” Compiled by S Nagarajan Date: 10 March 2016 > Post No. 2616 Time uploaded in London :– 14-27 ( Thanks for the > Pictures) DON’T REBLOG IT AT LEAST FOR A WEEK! DON’T USE THE PICTURES; > THEY ARE COPYRIGHTED BY SO” >

  2. in India ISMS have no relevance at all. Unfortunately the Independent Movement leades extrapolated anarchical and anachronic PESHWA AND KERALA model as degradation of HINDUISM on the hypotheses of MAXMULER-CALDWELL DUO and made irrepairable loss to the INTELLECTUALISM of this country. INDIA is a sedentary state consisting of numerous agglomeration of amorphous groups with mercantile activity prevalent only in sleected localities and the relation between sedentary villages and NAGRAMS was not well defined but on mitual accommodation only-that is not inter dependent at all on all times. The I ndependent movement leaders forgot one important thing that differentiated INDIA FROM WORLD is that FARMING CLASS ININDIA did ot have to compulsorily take up martial duties as was the essential feature of feudalism and KSHATRIYAS did not enjoy REVENUE COLLECTION like SUBEDHAR/JAGIR/ZAMINDAR/ etc.,bu either formed retinue of king or of MERCANTILE CLASS. The essential element of INDIAN RULERS from Asoka to CHOLAS was that MERCANTILE GUILDS independently supported RELIGION and STATE did not control temporal activities and the PRIESTLY CLASS did not enjoy the staus of FIRST ESTATE the cause for FRENCH RELVOLUTION AND LL OTHER REVOLUTION including BOLSHEVIK. The CHOLA EMPIRE the extention and standardization of GUPTA-KADAMBA RULE was wantonly misinterpreyed as favouring Brahmins which is absolute non sense. Actually CHATURVEDI MANGALAMS were created only for feeding retinue of MERCANTILE GUILDS. This is what was referred as FORTIFIED TOWNS OF ANDREA–meaning ANDHRA SATAVAHANA. The affairs of most of the BRAHMADEYAMS/DEVADANAMS were controlled surreptiousy by NAGARAM/PATHINENVISHAYA BHOOMIYAR and Brahmins enjoyed only usance benefits and irtransferable land rights i.e., they canno ttransfer title at will. This is what is reflected in IMPERIAL GAZETTER OF MADRAS PRESIDENCY where BRITISHERS fstruggled to fix land revenue since most of the lands in fertile TONDAIMANDALAM and SOUTH ARCOT were shown as STROTRIUM and the persons managing STROTRIUMS always showed loss. But for EASTERN INDIA which is dominated by ZAMINDARI SYSTEM OF MOGHULS AND TELENGANA AREAS OF NIZAM MAOISTS could not penetrate into the rich cultivating areas of JAT DOMINATED ROHILKHAND/BUNDELKHAND/MARATHAS DOMINATED MAHARASHTRA AND VOKKALIGA DOMINATED KARNATAKA which are farming class not compulsorily dpendent on labour like EASTERN INDIA. If the intellectuals of India are sincere about SOCIALISM/COMMUNISM and avoid MAO’S RED REVOLUTION give the true history of farmers and give the farmers the RIGHT TO CULTIVATE and EMPOWER THEM AS IN EARLIER DAYS and not force wrong ISMS on them.

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