Efficacy of Vishnu Sahasranamam (Post No.2868)

vishnu sahas

Article written by S.NAGARAJAN


Date: 5 June 2016


Post No. 2868


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  1. Nagarajan


Sri Kulkarni, an ardent devotee of Vishnu is collecting all information regarding Vishnusahasramam.


He contacted me for any useful information


For the benefit of all, LIFCO, Chennai -17, have published Vishnusahasramam along with  meaning. The efficacy of Vishnusahasramam has been given in detail in this TAMIL book.

(The price is also very reasonable and all can buy this easily)


I am giving below one portion of the above details for the benefit of all.


Education : to gain knowledge

Vedo veda-vidha-vyango vedango veda-vit-kavih ||  Sloka 14


To cure stomach ache

Bhrajishnu rbhojanam bhokta sahishnu rajaga-dadijah |   Sloka 16


For enthusiasm

Ateendriyo maha-mayo mahotsaho maha-balah ||   Sloka 18


To get shukshma buddhi

Maha-buddhir-maha-veeryo maha-shaktir-maha-dyuthih |   Sloka 19


Eys sight improvement

Sahasra-moordha vishvatma saha-srakshah saha-srapat ||    Sloka 24


To gain great respect

Satkarta satkruta-sadhuh jahnur-narayano narah ||  Sloka 26


To fufill one’s desires

Siddhar-thah siddha-sankalpah siddhida siddhi-sadhanah ||  Sloka 27


For Marriage

Kamaha-kama-krutkantah kamah kama-pradah prabhuh ||  Sloka 32


Great job

Vyava-sayo vyava-sthanah sams-thanah sthanado dhruvah | Sloka 42


To get over Fear of Deatth

Vaikunthah purushah pranah pranadah pranavah pruthuh | Sloka 44


To gain Wealth

Artho-nartho maha-kosho maha-bhogo maha-dhanah || Sloka 46


To have good mind (Buddhi)

Sarva-darshee nivru-tatma sarva-gno gnana muttamam ||  Sloka 48


To have Ananda (pleasure)

Anando nandano nandah satya-dharma trivi-kramah ||  Sloka 56


For Kshemam

Anivarthee nivru-ttatma samkshepta kshema-krutchhivah | Sloka 64


To get away from all Shoka (pain, difficulties)

Bhooshayo bhooshano bhooti vishoka shoka-nashanah ||  Sloka 67


To cure diseases

Poornah poorayita punyah punya-keerti rana-mayah ||  Sloka 73


For Liberation (Moksha)

Sadgati satkruti-satta sadbhooti satpa-rayanah | Sloka 75


Chhatru jayam (Victory over enemies)

Sulabha suvratah siddhah shatruji chhatru-tapanah | Sloka 88


To distance oneself from all accidents

Amoorti ranagho chintyo bhaya-krudbhaya-nashanah ||  Sloka 89


For Mangalam

Svastida svasti-krut svasti svastibhuk svasti-dakshinah ||   Sloka 96


To avoid bad dreams

Uttarano dushkrutiha punyo dussvapna nashanah | Sloka 99


For Papa nasam

Devakee nandana srashta kshiteeshah papa-nashanah ||  Sloka 106


Our sastras/ scriptures like Siddhisaram  karma vibhaga samuchchayam etc have prescribed Vishnusahasranamam for  pariharams ( to remove various illness/thoshas)


We will see some of them in my next article.



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  1. This is a useful feature. There are several Tamil editions of this wonderful stotra. The three I have found to be very good are:
    1.By Sri Sengalipuram Anantarama Dikshitar in his Jayamangala Stotram-part 5..
    2.Anna N. Subramanya Iyer (RK Math, Chennai). Anna’s introductions to his books contain much valuable information stated succinctly. In this book he states that Vishnusahsranama is prescribed in Ayurveda treatises as cure for mental and bodily afflictions; in astrological treatises as antidote for the ill-effects of adverse planetary positions and movements; in Dharmasastras as prayschitta for sins committed.; and as Shanti for bad omens and bad dreams,etc. it is mantra,stotra and nama japa, all rolled into one.
    3.By S.V.Radhakrishna Sastrigal (Agasthiyar Book Depot, Trichy). This is a wonderful treasure, perhaps the last word on the subject. It is vast and encyclopedic.in scope. The most invaluable feature of this edition is that Sastrigal gives Upanishad mantras in support of almost each of the names. Sri Aurobindo said that our Puranas are a direct emanation from our Veda and Upanishads. Sastrigal gives the proof here!

    There are many English editions but the one that will appeal to modern sensibilities is by that excellent teacher Eknath Easwaran. He has not covered all the names but in what he has covered , he has given explanations and examples drawn from practical life.

    What the scriptures say in praise of such stotras may at times appear to be exaggerations.Only those who have followed them and have experienced the efficacy personally can speak with authority. But those with authentic experience will not be ready to disclose them- this is even prohibited in our system.

    Even so, I will share an experience for the benefit of devotees. My mother , 90, was bed-ridden. She was undergoing great distress. One evening, it seemed to be too severe.Around 9.p.m., we put on an audio CD of Vishnu Sahasranamam rendered by Sri Vidyabushana. As it started playing, signs of relief appeared and gradually my mother became totally peaceful and all signs of distress completely disappeared. She slept well. She passed away late in the night. For all this, she was totally deaf! One may come to one’s own conclusion!

    The Vishnu Sahasranama is expounded by Bhishma in reply to six questions asked by Yudhisthira. This is preceded by Bhishma’s own explanations about its greatness. And this was uttered in the immediate presence of Krishna. Do we need any further certificate?

    Elders have said that for the parayana to be effective, we must get initiation (learn it formally) from a competent person.

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