Greedy, Greedier, Greediest! (Post No.2900)


Compiled by London swaminathan


Date: 16 June 2016


Post No. 2900


Time uploaded in London :– 12-55


( Pictures are taken by London swaminathan)




Greed Anecdotes

Greedy Actress

One evening Rachel, the famous French actress, dined at the house of Comte Duchatel. The table was loaded with the magnificent flowers. But Rachel’s keen eyes presently spied out the great silver centrepiece. Immediately began to admire it. The Count fascinated by her manners, said that he would be glad to present it to her. Being greedy, she accepted it at once, but was rather fearful lest he should change his mind. She had come to dinner in a cab, and mentioned the fact. The count offered her to send her home in his carriage.

“Yes, that will do admirably”, said she.

“There will be no danger of my being robbed of your present, which I had better take with me”.

With pleasure, Mademoiselle, replied the Count. But you will send me back my carriage, won’t you?




Greedy World!

Rolland Diller who was one of Lincoln’s neighbours in Springfield, tells the following story:-

“I was called to the door one day by the cries of children in the street and there was Mr Lincoln, striding by with two of his boys, both of whom were wailing aloud.

“Why, Mr. Lincoln, what is the matter with the boys?”  I asked.

“Just what is the matter with the whole world”, Lincoln replied.

I have got three walnuts, and each wants two.


Ring for you!

Rachel, celebrate d nineteenth century French actress, was notorious for her avarice. The younger Dumas once received a ring from her. Immediately he bowed low and returned it to her finger, saying

“Permit me Mademoiselle, to present it to you in my turn so as to save you the embarrassment of asking for it”.


Mexican War

The Mexican war was not a popular one with the American people. Abraham Lincoln, then a member of the Congress, opposed it, declaring that those who said that the war was not one of aggression made him think of the Illinois farmer who said

I am not greedy about land. I only want what is mine.


How To Earn Fast Money

Rachel’s Guitar

Rachel, the famous French actress, had a curious way of asking everyone she met for present s and knickknack s whether they are valuable or not. She knew how to make them valuable.

Once in a studio she noticed a guitar hanging on the wall. She begged for it earnestly. As it was an old and worthless instrument, it was given to her. A little later it was reported that the dilapidated guitar had been purchased by a well-known gentle man for a thousand franks. The explanation soon followed Rachel declared that it was the very guitar with which she used to earn her living as a child in the streets of Paris.


Expensive Dressing!

On one occasion P D Armour, the meat packer, made a present of a suit of clothes to each of his employees in a certain department. Each man was told that he might order his own suit, and send the bill to Mr Armour , no restriction being made  as to price. In order to avail himself fully of this liberality, one young man ordered evening clothes costing 80 dollars. When the bill was sent in, Mr Armour sent for the clerk to vouch for its accuracy, and finding it right assured the man it would be paid. As the clerk was leaving, Mr Armour said to him,


“I wish to say to you that I have packed a great many hogs in my time, but I never dressed one before”.



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