31 Quotations on Worldly Wisdom from Sanskrit Literature (Post No.3921)

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August 2016 Good Thoughts Calendar

Compiled by london swaminathan

Date: 30 July 2016

Post No. 3921

Time uploaded in London :– 21-18

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Festivals in August:

 August 2-Aadi perukku/ Aadi Amavasya;

5-Adi Puram;

6- Naga Chturthi, 7-Naga Panchami;

12-Varalakshmi Vrata;

15-Indian Independence Day;

18-Raksha Bandhan/Yajur Upakarma;

19-Gayatri Japam;



Auspicious Days: 21, 22, 29

Full Moon/Purnima- August 18

New Moon/Amavasya-  August 2

Ekadasi Fasting Days: 14 and 28

 krishna in sky

August 1 Monday

Chew like a goat, bathe like an elephant– (Sanskrit Proverb)


August 2 Tuesday

In the kingdom of the blind, the one eyed is the king–(Sanskrit Proverb)


August 3 Wednesday

There is no syllable that is not a sacred chant (mantra), nor a root that is not a medicine (Subhaasita ratna bhaandaagaara

and Ratna Samuccaya)



August 4 Thursday

Agriculture, devoid of personal supervision, is bound to fail– Kahaavatnaakar


August 5 Friday

When the moon comes, the stars follow unbidden- Pratijnaa yaugandharaayana


August 6 Saturday


Even though ordered the washerman will not mount his donkey– Kahaavatnaakar


August 7  Sunday

The autumnal clouds that ever thunder, shower never(Sanskrit Proverb).

 krishna statue

August 8 Monday

Once in someone’s hand, the weapon, though your very own becomes his — Kahaavatnaakar


August 9 Tuesday

Sans leaf, flower, or fruit, how can the goddess worshipped?– Kahaavatnaakar


August 10 Wednesday

Be not a lone wanderer in the woods — Satopadesaprabandha


August 11 Thursday

In the absence of attire, the anklets do not appear beautiful — Kahaavatnaakar


August 12 Friday

O friend! Do not roast Bengal-gram grain by grain — Kahaavatnaakar

August 13 Saturday

Holy water is not defiled by a crow sipping it — Padmapraabhrtaka


August 14  Sunday

When cats are away, the mice play–(Sanskrit Proverb)




August 15 Monday

Creepers in a garden are not to be robbed of their flowers — Mrccakatika and Caarudatta


August 16 Tuesday

In the Kaliyuga there is no purity either in matter or mind Visvagunaadarsacampu


August 17 Wednesday

In a land of mendicants, what work will a waherman have? –Caanakyasataka


August 18 Thursday

Laugh not alone –Pratimaanaataka


August 19 Friday

Difficult to safeguard what is given for safe keeping –Svapnavaasavadatta



August 20 Saturday

Question not the divine gestures and deeds of the ancient Kathaasarisaagara


August 21  Sunday

 For one who has not seen ghee, sesame oil tastes delicious —

Subhaasita ratna bhaandaagaara

yasotha feeding krishna,fb


August 22 Monday

Lo! A ripe jackfruit on the tree and the mouth is watering –Kahaavatnaakar

August 23 Tuesday

One thorn removes another — Panchatantra

August 24 Wednesday

The golden chain is around one’s neck, yet, the search for it is on in the temple crevice–(Sanskrit Proverb)

August 25 Thursday

Can a painted lion ever do anything that a real lion can? Rajatarangini


August 26 Friday

Never go anywhere uninvited — Satopadesaprabandha


August 27 Saturday

All eulogise the actions that suits them — Kahaavatnaakar


August 28  Sunday

None can learn to swim without plunging into waters — Kahaavatnaakar


August 29 Monday

Can anyone be harmed or honoured on the basis of caste? –Hitopadesa



August 30 Tuesday

Beggars are mindless of castes — Kahaavatnaakar


August 31 Wednesday

Festivals ought not to be so monstrous as to repulse others



Source:- Suuktisudhaa, Chinmaya International Foundation ( Those who need the matter in Nagari script as well as in English transliteration, may buy the book)




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