Efficiency Anecdotes (Post No. 3024)


Compiled by london swaminathan

Date: 31 July 2016

Post No. 3024

Time uploaded in London :–  20-34

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T A Edison

circa 1871: Thomas Alva Edison (1847 – 1931) American scientist, inventor and industrialist.

Manufacturing Anecdote


Alfred O.Tate was riding one afternoon through central jersey when Edison pointed from a ridge to a lovely valley through which a stream meandered.

Tate, said Edison, see that valley?

It is a beautiful valley, Tate replied.

Well, said the inventor, I am going to make it more beautiful. I am going to dot it with factories.





4719 Parts in a Car!


A New Yorker on one of the Ford Motor Company’s tours of inspection for visitors lagged behind the party at one point and found himself  alone with Henry Ford. Ford nodded to him; then pointing to a completed automobile, said, there are exactly 4719 parts in that car.


Greatly struck with Fords grasp of affairs– and with his own — the visitor, talking subsequently with one of the company’s engineers, asked him lightly if it were true such and such a model had exactly 4719 parts.

I am sure I don’t know, the engineer said,

I can’t think of a more useless piece of information.

h ford


Who is running the company?


One of Chauncey Depew’s stories:

Some years ago, a few days after I had sailed for Europe, a man went into my office and said,

“I want to see Chauncey Depew

He has gone to Europe, my coloured porter told him

Well, I want to see his secretary

He has also gone to Europe

Then I want to see Cornelius Vanderbilt

He is in Newport

Oh, I guess I want to see W K Wanderbilt

He is also in Newport.

You don’t tell me. Well, may I see the first Vice President?

He is out of town

Is the third Vice President in.

No, he is in Europe

Is the superintendent I A?

No, he is up the road some where

How about the general passenger agent?

He has gone to Cape May

Who in thunder is running this road, anyway?

I guess it do be running itself.



3D Knob - Maximize Efficiency

3d illustration of knob set at maximum for efficiency

Two Kinds of Reports!


An assistant rushed into William S.Knudsens officiate one day, very upset because a certain report was missing. How could they act?


There are two kinds of reports, Knudsen said calmly

One says you can’t do it. The other says it has been done. The first kind is no good. The second kind you don’t need.



When Charles M Schwab had not yet become a great man in his own right in the field of steel, he worked for Andrew Carnegie.

The little Scotsman taught him the hard lesson of the commercial world, that one day’s laurels are of little use on the next.

All records broken yesterday, Schwab wired to his chief.

In reply to which, Carnegie telegraphed, what have you done today?



Don’t get too busy!


A sage bit of advice is contained in a rebuke delivered to no less a personage than William Jeffers, head of the Union Pacific Railway, by one of his employees.

Jeffers was traveling in his official car.

At a certain stop, the engineer dismounted from his cab and came into the president’s car and asked him a question concerning some details of their immediate route. Being preoccupied with some papers before him, Jeffers absently gave an obviously erroneous reply.

Angrily the engineer snorted, “that doesn’t make sense. Don’t ever get so busy that you haven’t got time to think”.

Whereupon he turned and strode back to the cab.




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