Two Types of Thieves (Post No.3035)



Written by london swaminathan

Date: 4th    August 2016

Post No. 3035

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There are beautiful and meaning full slokas (Couplets/ Hymns) about thieves in Sanskrit. Manu Smrti, the oldest law book in the world, also deals with the thieves:–


“The king whose spies are his eyes should discover the two sorts of thieves, open and concealed, who steal other men’s possessions”. Manu 9-256


“The open deceivers are those of them who live by various sorts of shady trading, while concealed deceivers are burglars, forest bandits, and so forth”. 9-257


Prakaasa vancakaa: teshaam naanaa panya upajiivina:

Praccanna vancakaa: tu  te ye stena atavikaadaya:


“People who take bribes, frauds, deceivers, gamblers; those who live by announcing good luck; smooth operations and fortune tellers— Manu 9-258

Utkocakaschau padikaa vancakaa: kitavaastataa

Mangalaadesavruttaasca badraa ca ekshanikai: saha



“Great ministers and doctors who behave with impropriety; those who make use of their crafts in polite society; clever whores — Manu 9-259

Asabya kaarinai: caiva mahaamatraa cikisakaa:

Siilyopacaara yuktaasca nipunaa: panyayoshita:





“These and others like them he should recognise them as open thorns for the people, as well as others who work in secret, uncultured but assume the distinctive marks of the cultured people. — Manu 9-260

Evamaadiin vijaaniyaat prakaasaan lokakandakaan

Niguudacaarinasca anyaan anaaryaan aaryalingina:



“For only by punishment can anyone suppress the evil of evil minded thieves who prowl silently over the earth”. Manu 9-263


Assembly halls, roadside watering places, cake stalls, brothels, wine or food stalls, cross roads, sacred tree groves, crowds, public events, gardens, wild places, the houses of artisans, empty buildings, woods, artificial groves/ entertainment parks – these are the places that a king should watch with the help of soldiers – stationed or on patrol – and by spies to foil thieves. 264-266


The king should detect them and destroy them by using clever reformed thieves who associate with them, follow them and become familiar with their various activities. They should round them up on the pretext of food and other enjoyments or for audiences with priests, or on pretexts of deeds of heroism. As for those who do not come near there and those who have discovered the plot, the king should attack them and kill them, together with their friends, maternal relatives, and paternal relatives. 267—269


Death Sentence in Tamil Nadu


Tamil poet Tiruvalluvar is also of same opinion:-

The king gives capital punishment to wicked killers like removing weeds from a flourighing field.—Tirukkural 550


A just king should not inflict physical punishment on a thief without the stolen goods, but he should punish him without hesitation if he has the stolen goods and the tools. — Manu 9-270



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