Abraham Lincoln and Mark Twain–More Quick Thinking Anecdotes (Post No.3050)


Compiled by london swaminathan

Date: 11th    August 2016

Post No. 3050

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I Sold Whisky and Cigars: Lincoln

Douglas, at a gathering at which Abraham Lincoln was also present, was repeatedly making remarks about Lincoln’s lowly station in life and saying that his first meeting with him had been across the counter of a general store. He finally ended his remarks by saying, “And Mr. Lincoln was a very good bar tender too.”

There was roar of laughter at this, but it quieted down considerably when Mr Lincoln said quietly:

“What Mr Douglas has said, gentlemen, is true enough; I did keep a grocery, and I did sell cotton, candles and cigars, and sometimes whisky; but I remember in those days that Mr Douglas was one of my best customers. Many a time have I stood on one side of the counter and sold whisky to Mr Douglas on the other side, but the difference between us now is this: I have left my side of the counter, but Mr Douglas still sticks to his as tenaciously as ever.”


Secretary, too Smart!

Anxious to avoid the clutches of a delegate from a charitable institution, the business man instructed his secretary to say that he was ill.

Deciding to make the illness a serious and telling factor, the secretary informed the caller,

“I am sorry, but Mr Johnson cannot see you today. He has a sprained back”.

The delegate seemed slightly surprised for a moment and then, looking at the secretary with a mocking gleam in his eye, said

“I didn’t come here to wrestle with Mr Johnson I just want to talk with him”.


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m twain

Pay double and feel at home!

When Charles (Hell and Maria) Dawes was ambassador to Great Britain the story was told of his buying a newspaper from a London newsboy who charged him the usual price of a penny.

“I would have to pay double the price for his paper in America”, Dawes remarked.

“Well, guv’nor , said the newsboy, you can pay me double if it will make you feel at ‘ome .”



Rain always stops!—Mark Twain

As William Dean Howells and Mark Twain were coming out of church one morning, it commenced to rain heavily .

Do you think it will stop? Asked Howells.

“It always has”, answered Twain.

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