Never run after your Hat! Shrewdness Anecdotes – Part 3 (Post No.3094)


Compiled by London Swaminathan


Date: 26  August 2016


Time uploaded in London: 8-18 AM


Post No.3094


Pictures are taken from various sources; thanks for the pictures.



Valentine Williams says, “I was walking with Sir Herbert Tree one day when my hat blew off. I was about to hurl myself into the thick of traffic in pursuit when Tree restrained me

My brother Max says, he told me gravely, “Never run after your hat someone sure is to bring it to you”.

True enough a moment later, a passer-by dashed up breathlessly and restore d my hat to me.




Shrewder Blind Man

One sunny May Day in Central Park a blind man was tapping for attention with his cane and carrying on his chest a sign Help the Blind. No one paid much attention to him. A little farther on another blind beggar was doing better. Practically every passer-by put a coin in his cup., even some turning back to make their contributions.

His sign said, “It is May — and I am blind”.



Hang him before……

Tribulations was jester to Francis I. A great Lord offended at his sallies threatened to flog him to death. Tribulations went to complain to his master.

If he does it, said the King, I will hang him a quarter of an hour after.

Thank you, cousin, piped the jester, but if it is all the same to you, couldn’t you do it a quarter of an hour before?



Lincoln’s Trick

Once when a deputation visited Lincoln and  urged emancipation before he was ready. He argued that he could not enforce it even if he proclaimed it.

He asked, “How many legs will a sheep have if you call the tail a leg?

“Five”, they answered

You are mistaken, said Lincoln, for calling a tail a leg don’t make it so.




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