How much is Queen’s Letter worth? Shrewdness Anecdotes – Part 4 (Post No. 3097)


Compiled by London Swaminathan


Date: 27 August 2016


Time uploaded in London: 21-01


Post No.3097


Pictures are taken from various sources; thanks for the pictures.


Queen’s Letter 25 pounds

A wastrel grandson of queen Victoria once begged her highness by letter for an advance on his allowance. The severe queen answered with lengthy rebuke of his way of life, and a great deal of additional advice, exhorting him to thrift and diligence. Although no money had been sent the good queen shortly received a letter of thanks from the young man, explaining that he had followed her precepts literally by selling her letter for 25 pounds.




Five days for police to find a car!

A certain motorist drove his car to work one day and parked it in front of his office.  Coming out some hours later he perceived that it was covered with a number of tickets for an assortment of offences and violations of parking and traffic rules.

He conceived an ingenious way of extricating himself from the difficulty. Calling the police from his home address he reported his car as lost. With interest, as time went by, he passed in and out of his office watching the slow accumulation of additional penalties piling upon the forlorn automobile.

It took the police five days to find it.



Anarchist and Atheist

Uncomfortably crowded once in a London bus, Edmund Gosse said to his companion, W M Rosetti, I understand you are an anarchist.

I am an atheist, replied Rosetti in a loud voice

My daughter is an anarchist. A sufficient number of people left the us indignantly to make Goss and Rosetti comfortable.



To the Egress

P T Barnum solved the problem of overcrowding in his popular New York museum where customers prone to linger overlong, by rigging up a corridor toward a door way to the street and displaying above it prominently the sign TO THE EGRESS.




Can you crack Nuts?

Marshall Field, 3rd, according to a story that was going the rounds at the turn of the century, bade fair to become a very cautious business man. Approaching an old lady in a Lakewoood hotel, he said

“Can you crack nuts?”

“No, dear”, the old lady reported, “I lost all my teeth ages ago”.

Then requested Master Field, extending two hands full of pecans , please hold this while I go a and get some more.



Lincoln’s One More Trick

Seeking to raise enough money for a volunteer fire department in Spring field, a committee approached Abraham Lincoln for subscription. He expressed sympathy for the movement but said

I will tell you what, boys, I will talk it over with Mrs Lincoln tonight.

Here is what I will say, “My dear, there is a subscription paper being handed around to raise money for a new hose cart for the fire department. The committee called on me today and I told them I would talk it over with you. Don’t you think we had better subscribe 50 dollars? Then she will look up quickly and say, Oh, Abraham, Abraham! Will you never learn? You can’t afford it.Twenty five dollars is quite enough.

Mr Lincoln chuckled as he added, “Bless her dear soul, she will never find out how I got the better of her. Come around tomorrow, boys, and get your 25 dollars”.


Xxxx Subham xxxx






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