Jokes from 75-year-old Tamil Magazine (Post No.3115)

deaf 3

Translated by London Swaminathan


Date: 2 September 2016


Time uploaded in London: 20-5


Post No.3115


Pictures are taken from various sources; thanks.


To a beggar who is lame, outside the temple:-

“Hey, where is that blind fellow who I used to see every day? I haven’t seen him for the past three days.

Oh, Swami (My Lord), he has gone to a theatre to “see” a drama.


Because he revealed the truth about the “blind” beggar, he was given some alms.

After some days, the lame beggar was missing!

To another beggar outside the temple:

Hey, where is that lame beggar?

Other beggar: Oh, Swami (My Lord), he has gone on a “Padayatra” to Palani and from there he will “walk” all the way to Tirupati!


The other beggar was given extra money for telling him the truth about the “lame” beggar.

After three days that beggar was also missing!

The temple goer met a new beggar and asked about the other missing beggar.

The new beggar told him that beggar had gone back to his shop because two of his servants resigned and gone to beg!




bad hearing

After a wedding feast everyone was chewing betel leaves and nuts except one person.

Hello my friend! Why didn’t you take the betel leaf and Supari? Don’t you like it?

I like it very much. But I forgot my false teeth set today!


Two deaf people met and started a conversation:

First one: Where are you going with a bag in hand Are you going to Vegetable Market?

Second Deaf: No, No, I am going to the Vegetable Market.

First Deaf: Sorry, I thought that you are going to Vegetable market.

Second deaf: Did you say that I am going to grocery shop? I am going to Vegetable Market.

First deaf: Ok, OK; Don’t shout. I heard you. Tell me next time you go to the vegetable market. I need some tomatoes.

Second Deaf: Bye, Bye.

deaf cartoon

Xxx Subham xxx

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