Amazing Fire Walking Ceremony! (Post No.3172)


WRITTEN BY London swaminathan

Date: 20 September 2016

Time uploaded in London:10-35 AM

Post No.3172

Pictures are taken from various sources; thanks.

Arthur Mile’s book is full of anti-Hindu stuff. And yet he tells us what he has seen with his own eyes.

From the book The Land of the Lingam by Arthur Miles, London 1933



Fire Walking in Greece

“The Fire walking ceremony is not so popular as it used to be, and many castes do not observe it at all. Occasionally three is a ceremony, when fanaticism is mounting pretty high and a community can bear the expense.


I attended one not so long ago in Mysore state. A pit had been dug, about fifty feet long and about ten feet wide., and when I arrived it was a seething mass of fire. At one end there was a pool of water, through which the performers waded after they had crossed the fire. The fire walkers were dressed I short yellow dhoties and garlands of jasmine flowers. The gods had been brought out, and were arranged along the edges of the pit. I examined the feet of two men before and after they crossed. There was nothing done to their feet to deaden the pain, and there was the slightest trace of a burn. One man, moreover, had crossed through the fire pit in a quite leisurely fashion. I attempt no explanation.


Another man crossed with a baby in his arms, which had been passed to him at the last moment by its mother. For one awful moment I had a picture of the walker, maddened by pain, dropping his tiny burden into flames. Yet, actually, the man smiles as he went, and handed the baby, which was clapping its hands and laughing, back to its mother on the other side of the pool.

An Indian who was watching the performance told me it would rain when the ceremony was over, and the gods would put the fire out. As a matter of fact, it did rain at the conclusion of the ceremony, but I think the gods had less to do with it than the Indian monsoon season”.


My comments:-

Why didn’t it rain before the fire walking or during the fire walking? If it is monsoon rain it can rain at any time or always!

Sita Devi was the first one to do fire walking. It is in Ramayana. I have already written about it.

It was performed in ancient Greece as well. Christians have adopted it their own and now do it in churches in Greek villages.




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