“Politics and Propaganda cannot overthrow Hinduism” (Post No.3204)


Compiled by London Swaminathan


Date: 30 September 2016


Time uploaded in London:12-52


Post No.3204


Pictures are taken from various sources; thanks.


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Arthur Miles begins his anti-Hindu tirade, in his book THE LAND OF THE LINGAM (Year 1933), with these words: –


“Ask any Hindu to explain his religion, and he will wander off into a labyrinth of words from which nothing will extricate him but the end of your endurance. If you comment on his belief, he will tell you that you do not understand. “You do not understand” is always the last word of the Hindu”.


He contradicts himself at the end of the book with these words:

“The Hindu religion is as much alive today as ever it was. A thousand years of Muslim domination, and hundreds of years of Christian persuasion, have failed to make the slightest impression on their religion. Yet the religions of Egypt, Persia, Greece and Pagan Rome are nothing but memories which proves that politics and propaganda cannot overthrow Hinduism.


At the base of this pertinacity lies, I believe, the importance of self, which Hinduism teaches before everything. Even the gods can be bought up and bargained with, and every Hindu has it in the back of his mind to retire sometime to the forest and concentrate on his own salvation. The idea of future happiness, where he is again an individual, has so gripped his imagination nothing can dislodge it.


Family, the dearly beloved sons, sacrifice, caste are simply stepping stones to personal salvation, and sacrifice s a bargain made with the gods for personal gain. The sacrifice of Hindu women, which we hear so much about, is based on tradition and fear. The women sacrifice themselves for the good of their husbands, because they must. Everything in Hinduism stands for the importance of self, and that self is male self. Mohammedans and Christians say that theirs are the highest gods, and the Hindu quietly accepts them and gives them a place in the Hindu pantheon. These Gods, the Hindu knows, can do nothing to overcome the belief in self; they are no more to the Hindu than his own gods.


All gods, then, are pegs to hold self-love. Siva can sleep in his snow clad paradise; Brahma may remain in his Satya loka; and Vishnu with his wife Lakshmi, can contemplate art in his heaven. When the Hindu wants them, he will use them for the salvation of self.


Character is based on man’s ideals, which are not necessarily the ideals of religion. Character of men and nations must be able to stand the strain of temptation and self-acquisition, when the latter means the disregard of human society. The Indian people have never been conquered in thought, and considering that this has been tried many times, it goes to prove that such conquest is not possible. The Indian must change himself, must want to change.


Once the Indian arouses himself, he will accomplish what no outsider can accomplish for him. Once he uses his great talents in a new direction, he will win the acclaim of a watching world.”




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