Stupidity Anecdotes (Post No.3403)

Compiled by London swaminathan


Date: 30 November 2016


Time uploaded in London: 19-20


Post No.3403


Pictures are taken from various sources; thanks.





To the city of Washington come all kinds of tourists, from visiting nobility to the representatives of the smallest communities.


A lady from a small upstate New York town was a member of a touring party. Arriving at Washington Monument, the guide took them all to the very top of the structure. Overwhelmed by the many and varied sights, the woman cried in an ecstatic and somewhat incoherent tones

Why, why, there is the White House…. And there is the Capitol. Look over there… It is the Lincoln memorial! Then looking about with a slightly bewildered and rather disappointed air, but where’s the Washington monument?




Smoky! Smoky!

St.Louis , notwithstanding improvements carried out in recent years, has been in its time one of the most famous smoky cities of America

One of its established city offices was that of Smoke Inspector. This post of such legitimate importance degenerated through the years into a political plum. At last, after one election, it fell in to the hands of an appointee of utter incompetence, who shortly after taking office, was shocked to learn that he must make a monthly report.

He submitted there upon the following

Have inspected the smoke of St. Louis for the month of December, 19– and have found it to be of good quality.



Stupid Lady at Shakespeare’s Birth Place

Stupidity is not the monopoly of any race or religion though we hear lot of jokes about a community or religious group.

A lady visiting Stratford –on-Avon, the birth place of Shakespeare, showed even more than the usual fervour. She had not recovered when she reached the railway station, for she remarked to a friend as they walked on the platform: “To think that it was from this very platform the immortal bard would depart whenever he journeyed to town!”


Copied from my previous post



Mirror! Mirror!

There are many versions of the old hill- billy looking glass story. The oldest war horse of them all is the version in which the mountaineer, finding a mirror, peers at it and remarks

So — that’s the no count varmint the old lady’s taken up with.


Whereupon his wife, finding the mirror where he had left it, snorted in indignation

So that’s the old hag he is running after.

A somewhat newer version is that of the mountain lad, some 24 years of age, unshaven , untrimmed and unwashed . Peering among the purchases which his father had brought back in the wagon from the settlement he came across a large wall mirror . He burst into laughter. His mother coming out, demanded to know what he was laughing at.

Pa’s bought a wolf, chuckled the young man.




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