Rapist on run gave up after being fed! Food + Kindness melt even Criminals! (Post No.3410)


Written by London swaminathan


Date: 2 December 2016


Time uploaded in London: 14-06


Post No.3410


Pictures are taken from various sources; thanks. They are representational.


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Rapist Admi Headley, 34, absconded from HMP Leyhill on November 13 

  • He later collapsed outside home of students Tom Phillips and Aidan Byrne 
  • The convict opened up to the two friends as they gave him a hot meal
  • Students later convinced him to turn himself in and took him to the station



Escaped rapist on the run from prison saw the error of his ways after he was taken in by students who gave him a chocolate muffin and a chicken kiev and listened to Jay Z with him.


A rapist who escaped from prison turned himself in after he was taken in by two university students.


Admi Headley, 34, collapsed outside the home of University of Bristol students Tom Phillips, 22, and Aidan Byrne, 21, on November 16, three days after he absconded from HMP Leyhill in Wootton-under-Edge, Gloucestershire (United Kingdom).


The students invited Headley into their flat and fed him soup, a chicken kiev and a chocolate muffin. They also put on rap music after Headley said he was a fan.


Over three hours, Headley opened up about his time in prison and the students were eventually able to convince him to hand himself into police.

They even accompanied Headley to the local station, where he hugged them before being taken into custody.


Mr Phillips, a physics and philosophy student, told student newspaper Epigram: ‘Any crime of that nature is horrific, however all we could see was the person in front of us.


‘The person that I saw was someone who I felt needed food and water, and that is what we gave him.’



The convict also told the friends he had not spoken to his ex-girlfriend or 12-year-old son in nine years.



He gave Headley his mobile phone and listened as he spoke to his son. Headley reportedly said: ‘Do you know who this is? It’s your father. I’m sorry that I haven’t been there for you, but when I come home I will do anything for you.’


A tearful Headley told the students how he had converted to Islam in prison and carried a set of prayer beads with him at all times.


They said that he also carried a contacts book with the name of every friend he had made in jail, and the address and phone number of the friend’s mum.


At one point Headley told the students that they could call the police but, keen to keep the situation calm and under control, they said they wouldn’t.


Instead they cooked for him, listened to music and chatted for hours.

Mr Phillips said: ‘I didn’t consider kicking him out but it was in the back of my mind that at some point he would have to leave.


‘I was desperately hoping that he would just go somehow, but he himself said, ‘I will be off in a minute’ – and he did eventually.’


He added: ‘He made the decision himself, although he asked us, ‘Do you think I should probably hand myself in?’ and we said yes.

‘I said, “The sooner you’re in, the sooner you’re out. The longer you leave it, the worse it will be”.


Avon and Somerset Constabulary confirmed that Headley attended a Bristol police station on the night of November 16 and handed himself in.

Mr Phillips added: ‘If he ever gets hold of this article, we want to thank him.

‘Now that I’ve reflected, I would like to thank him because he trusted us and he was honest with us and he gave in a very short time a huge amount to us.


‘He gave his life story. That is no small thing.’


My Comments:–


Hindus always do Annadhana (Serving food to all) in the temples and in the community on festive days. Some people used to criticise this good gesture as supporting lazy people. but the people who it believe that even if one good soul takes the food, that will help the entire town or community here in this story we see that even a rapist is moved after the kind food served by the students.


in Tamil these is a verse saying that when one is hungry one loses ten virtues. that also confirms when one is not hungry he can think logically.


moreover kindness always cure several problems. Tamil poet Tiruvalluvar says in his book Tirukkural


affection cannot be controlled by shutters;

uncontrollable tears will rolldown spontaneously

when one sees the sufferings and sorrows of the loved ones (Kural 71)





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