The Mysterious Parallel Universe!(Post No.3609)

Written by S NAGARAJAN


Date: 6 February 2017


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Post No.3609



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by Santhanam Nagarajan



Sir James Jeans has written a book titled ‘The Mysterious Universe’ in 1930. In this wonderful book he has described the mysteries of the universe and wondered that the total number of stars in the universe is probably something like the total number of grains of sand on all the sea-shores of the world. In the last chapter he just declared that the stream of knowledge is heading towards a non-mechanical reality; the universe begins to look more like a great thought than like a great machine.


He also in his concluding remarks said that at least we are conjecture to-day, and yet who knows how many more times the stream of knowledge may turn on itself?

He is right. The stream of knowledge turned many times in the last eighty-six years and the last turn makes us to wonder as to what is the limit of wonder regarding the universe.


A paper published on October 13, 2016 in the Astrophysical Journal gives the astonishing figure regarding galaxies leave alone stars! It says there are at least 2 trillion galaxies out there – 10 times greater than astronomer’s previous estimates.

One trillion is one followed by 12 zeros!

Examining the data we got from The Hubble Space Telescopes and other observatories worldwide, the scientists believe that ninety percent of the galaxies in the universe are “too faint and too far away to be seen.”

This statement simply shows that we are dealing with a mysterious universe with an infinite dimension!


A galaxy contains hundreds of billions of stars and each star system contains dozens of planets! (Please note one billion means hundred crores!)

Astronomers concluded earth like planets alone in the universe may be around one billion!

To put it in layman terms for each human on Earth there are 200 galaxies.


As Sir James Jeans predicted the stream of knowledge has taken a swift turn now.

One more turn regarding the universe is that we are not living in one Universe; according to Hugh Everett, we are in multiverse.

With Huge Everett’s findings we have to start to think very seriously. His theory is being analyzed by the Scientist Max Tegmark. The multiverses are stacked one over the other and the distances hitherto thought unreachable also takes a turn. Because the distance between one universe to the other is just one millimeter only!


The physicist Max Tegmark asks us to view Everett’s theory sympathetically. He says that Everett’s only mistake was to be born ahead of his time!

According to Max there are four levels of multiverse. Level I – Regions beyond our cosmic horizon. Level II – Other post Inflation Bubbles. Level III – The Many Worlds of Quantum Physics. Level IV – Other Mathematical Structures.


I invite all readers who are interested to know more about the mysteries of Parallel Universe to go through his essays about all these four levels.

To put it simply, we are all living in multiverse.

With this I just take leave of you in this Universe.


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