Four Wonderful Sri Chakra Temples near Chennai! (Post No.3640)

Picture of Mangadu Sri Kamakshi


Written by S NAGARAJAN


Date: 16 February 2017


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Post No.3640



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Four Wonderful Major Sri Chakra Temples near Chennai in India to visit and get all types of benefits

by S. Nagarajan


In my first article I have described the secrets of Sri Yantra. In the next article I have given the scientific findings of the famous Russian scientist Alexie Pavlovich Kulaichev .


In this article we will see four famous temples in which Sri Chakra have been designed correctly and installed.

There is a famous temple in Mangadu, situated 15miles south of Chennai. (Madras as it was called in earlier days)  This is the only temple solely dedicated to Sri Chakra in the whole of India. The Sri Yantra is said that the first Sankaracharya, generally known as Adi Shankara has installed it. In the entrance hall of the temple there is a stone image of Adi Shankara. The temple is very big with compound walls. But these walls were demolished by the Mohammadan invaders. Later these have been rebuilt. Thousands of devotees used to visit this Sri Yantra holy temple every day.


There is one more temple at Thiruvottiyur situated ten miles north of Chennai. A Kali Yantra has been installed here. This Yantra is a big one and has been covered by a big black stone of three feet diameter and one and half inch thick. This is said to be installed by Adi Shankara. Since this divine geometry is of ferocious one it was covered by the black stone by Shankara. It is very interesting to note that there are 27 Shiva lingas representing the 27 celestial constellations of stars. The temple is very famous and thousands of devotees are thronging here every day to have the holy sight of the deity.


There is one more temple at Thiruverkadu situated 12 miles west of Chennai. The temple is called Devi Yogakumari temple. Here also a Sri Chakra of size one foot by one foot by one foot has been installed.


The city Kanchipuram is very famous for its Kamakshi temple. It is situated at 72 kilometers south west of Chennai. The Yantra installed here is called as Bhuprastara Sri Chakra of size 18”x18”. Thousands of devotees are thronging it every day. The Yantra is surrounded by a stone wall and only the priest is allowed inside. The chakra was of a ferocious type. In order to make it amenable for worship,  Adi Shankara has mitigated the ferocity of the icon of Kamakshi by drawing the fierce aspect.

Picture of Kanchi Kamakshi Temple


It is said that Adi Shankara himself drew the Chakra here, in the temple of Kamakshi and consecrated it. The significant Yantra bestows all benefits to the visitors coming for worship.

The entire land of India is thus fully protected by the various Yantras installed at vulnerable points. The locations of these temples, longitude and latitude wise, if studied well, will reveal their wonderful significance specifically chosen for various aspects.


Good Luck to all who read this article. Have a Sri Chakra installed in your home and worship it every day. And don’t forget to offer some offerings after worship even it is of a small measure.


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  1. We respect orthodox beliefs which have an important place in life. But one becomes sceptical when claims are made, which are not supported by history.

    Mangadu and Tiruverkadu have become popular in the last 50-60 years. In fact they have been rediscovered. Tiruvottriyur has been famous where Tyagaraja has sung Pancharatna keertanas. in fact many areas surrounding modern Chennai have been ancient centres of ceremonial worship. However there are other aspects.

    India has been under Muslim threat almost from the beginning of the rise of Islam, and Muslims ruled large parts of the land. Thousands of temples were destroyed. Temples of Ayodhya, Kasi, Mathura have been under their occupation. Even Madurai was under Muslim occupation for some time. Even the Kanchi Mutt had to be shifted away from Kanchipuram fearing Muslim threat. Deities from many temples in Tamil Nadu were taken away and /or hidden in many places. How then can we believe in the protection offered by these yantras and such other devices?

    Even when India has gained Independence, Hindu temples are not free but continue to be subject to a so called secular, but mlechcha-friendly, anti-Hindu establishment.

    Either these yantras were not perfect – ie free from defect – or they were not worshipped properly as prescribed. Or they were not after all installed by the great Sankara himself. With carbon dating and other such techniques available, we can easily determine the antiquity of these yantras, instead of merely repeating old versions.

    We have heard that Hampi was constructed on the pattern of a Sri Chakra but got destroyed by Muslims because it was defective in design or execution. [But the empire that rose from there checked Muslim expansion into the South for three centuries.After it fell. Marathas rose and protected the Tanjore belt.] Kavyakantha Ganapati Sastri used to say that Tiruvannamalai was in the shape of a natural Sri Chakra. But see how it has been disfigured in recent years!

    Sri Chakra is a powerful device no doubt, as we experience in some situations in private circles. But its maintenance calls for endless rituals and extreme purity of body and mind to preserve, protect and manifest its sanctity and sacred powers. How can this be done to benefit large circles or groups like a town or kingdom is debatable.

    I personally knew a scientist in NASA who was an atheist but his studies in atomic physics led him to a belief and some realisation in respect of the Sri Chakra. So much was this person impressed by his first hand discovery that he gave up his job with NASA. returned to India and devoted himself to the worship of Sri Chakra! His name is Sri Prahlada Sastry. Last time I knew (mid-80s) he was trying to organise a settlement on the pattern of a Sri Chakra near Visakhapatnam [ to be called Devipura ]. I do not know what came of this project eventually.

    The point is, the power of Sri Chakra is unmistakably felt individually; it is essentially spiritual. One really does not know if it can manifest physically, and in large areas populated by diverse people, whose lifestyle may not be in harmony with what is dictated by the tenets of Tantra of which Sri Chakra is part. This after all seems to be the pattern in all our famous temple towns where the temples ( which too have yantras in them ) have deteriorated over the years. The big ones have emerged as commercial centres, with the temple as one of the attractions, while the big temples in the smaller towns and villages are in different degrees of dilapidation.

    We recall a story relating to Vivekananda. During his wanderings in the Himalayas ( or Kashmir) he came across a Durga temple desecrated by Muslims. He got agitated and emotional and remarked that had he been present there he would have fought the desecrators and would not have allowed the deity to be touched. That night he had a dream in which Durga appeared and asked him : “Do I protect you or do you protect me ?” Perhaps, these Powers in these temples and Yantras have withdrawn themselves for whatever reason!

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