The One and Only Big Temple at Tanjore, an Architectural Wonder of the World! (Post No.3658)

Written by S NAGARAJAN


Date: 22 February 2017


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Post No.3658



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 by Nagarajan

Just start a discussion to know about an architectural wonder of the world. Immediately you will be informed about the Big Temple built at Tanjore, South India.

UNESCO has declared this temple as one of the important world heritage in 2004.


The temple was built by the great king Raja Raja Cholan. The Tamilnadu was ruled by three great dynasties namely Pandyas, Cholas and Cheras.

Raja Raja Cholan who ruled the Chola Land built this temple during 1003 – 1009 A.D. The great King Raja Raja Cholan was a great warrior. His real name was Arulmozhivarman. He was given the title Raja Rajan which means King of Kings.


Every stone in the temple will speak itself a great story. The sanctum tower has 13 tiers built using granite to an astonishing height of 212 feet.


The top most octagonal stone piece is made out of multiple stones. One would wonder how such a beautiful heavy stone was housed at the top. What was the technique used? Nobody knows. An inclined ramp might have been used. This ramp, considering the height of the tower, might have been started from a far off place.


The cubolic doom at the top weighs 80 tonnes. Above this, a 12 high kalasam is installed. The four sided Vimana ends at a square at the top which is 26 feet by 26 feet.

Four Nandis meaning Bulls are installed at the four corners.

The Lord is called as Brahadeeswara. The main Lingam is 13 feet high. 108 Bharatanatyam poses has been planned to be depicted in the pathway around the Vimana. But only 87 poses have been completed.


The main Nandi is a very big one. Made of a single stone this Nandi is 19.5 feet long and 8.5 Feet broad and 12 feet high. This was added later by Nayak kings in the sixteenth century.


The shadow of the temple Vimana would not fall on the ground.

The living monument of this great temple for 1000 years attracts thousands of visitors.

Scientists, Engineers, Researchers, Worshippers are visiting this temple for various reasons.


Archaeological Survey of India took the control of the temple since 1946.

It is to be noted that the Big Temple withstood earthquakes and foreign invasions.

The Bharatha Natyam dancers used to assemble here and perform spectacular show.



The customary renovation called as mahakumbabhishekam was performed by Maratha King Serfoji II in the year 1803. After 177 years, in 1980, renovation was again performed. In 1997 one more renovation was performed.

In the year 2010, to mark the 1000th year of the anniversary of the temple, the State Government celebrated it inviting 1000 dancers from all parts of the country.

Needless to say, you have to mark it as a ‘must see’ architectural marvel and a spiritual shrine if you plan to visit this part of the country. After all seeing is believing.


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