How to Cultivate the State of Contentment and Mental State of Appreciation? (Post No.3777)

Written by S NAGARAJAN


Date: 1 April 2017


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Post No.3777



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We often feel that why should bad things happen to us alone? What wrong we did? Why all others are happy and why are we not contented?

How to attain the greater good?

How to cultivate the State of Contentment?

How to cultivate the Mental State of Appreciation?

The great scholar Christian D Larson (1874-1954) in his book ‘Thinking for Results’ gives us the fitting answers.

These are all secrets given in a capsule form. We have to apply our mind and with eagerness we have to learn and master the simple yet fruitful techniques.

To attain greater good:-

Adopt yourself to everything and everybody with a view of securing united action for greater good. You will thus continue in perfect harmony and you will cause every action that may result from your efforts to work directly for the production of the results you have in view.

To cultivate the state of contentment: –
To cultivate the state of contentment we should live in the conviction that all things are working together for good, and that what is best for us now is coming to us now. The truth is that if we are trying to make all things work together for good, and live in the faith that we can, we actually will so order things in our life that all things will work together for good. And what comes to us every day will be the very best for us that day. When we live, think and act in this manner we shall soon find that the best is daily coming to us, and that the best of each day is better than that of the day preceding. The result will be perfect contentment.

To cultivate the mental state of appreciation: –

To cultivate the mental state of appreciation we should eliminate all tendency to fault finding, criticism and the like, and we should make a special effort to see the worthy qualities in everything and everybody with which we come in contact. The result of such a practice will not only be a better appreciation with a deeper insight into the superior qualities of life, but also the building of a more wholesome mind. Realizing the value of appreciation, we should whenever we discover a lack of appreciation in ourselves, proceed at once to remove the cause.

Now we know the correct ways to cultivate our mind in proper perspective. Let us try and achieve the ultimate mental statement of contentment.

This is the benefit we gain from scientific thinking.


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