Curiosity and Cynicism Anecdotes (Post No.3856)

Compiled by London swaminathan

Date: 27 APRIL 2017

Time uploaded in London:- 9-11 am

Post No. 3856

Pictures are taken from various sources; thanks.



What made the deepest impression upon you? inquired a friend one day, of Abraham Lincoln, when you stood in the presence of the falls of  Niagara, the greatest of natural wonders?

“The thing that struck me most forcibly when I saw the Falls”, Lincoln responded with characteristic deliberation, “was where in the world did all that water come from?”




Cynisim anecdotes 

Dr Johnson was told that a certain cynic of his acquaintance maintained that there was no distinction between virtue and vice.

“If he does really think there is no distinction between virtue and vice, answered Dr Johnson,

“Why, sir, when he leaves our houses let us count our spoons”.





Someone once asked the former Prince of Wales

“What is your idea of civilisation?”

“It is a good idea”, replied the prince

“Somebody ought to start it”.



When it was remarked that Fouche, an associate of Talleyrand under Napoleon, had a profound contempt for human nature,Talleyrand replied, “To be sure; he has made a careful study of himself .”





In one of his travels Mungo Park, the African explorer, traversed a wide extent of uncultivated regions, but at last he chanced upon a gibbet,

“The sight of which, said he, gave me infinite pleasure, as it proved that I was in a civilised society”.



No Steps Backwards


When the motto of Hanover club of Gottingen, to which as a student he had belonged, was quoted to him as applicable to his own life, Bismarck reflected, “Yes, no steps backwards, but a good many zig-zags”  .




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