More Brains in Your Belly than in your Head! (Post No.3893)

Written by London Swaminathan


Date: 9 May 2017


Time uploaded in London: 21-41


Post No. 3893


Pictures are taken from various sources; thanks.





Shortness Anecdotes

Alexander H Stevens, Senator from Georgia (USA), and subsequently< Vice President of the Confederate States, was short of stature and weighed less than 80 pounds. A big Congressman from the West, in a heated debate, once said, “Why, I could swallow you and never know II had eaten a thing.”

“In that case, you would have more brains in your belly than you ever had in your head”, snapped Stevens.



Size of the Body and Brain


Dr Busby of Westminster, who was very short, was one day accosted in a public coffee-room by an Irish baronet of colossal stature with: “ May I pass to my seat, O Giant?”

When the doctor politely making way, replied, “Pass, O Pigmy! the baronet apologised.

“Oh, sir, my expression alluded to size of your intellect”.

“And my expression, Sir”, retorted the doctor coldly, “ to the size of yours”


Dismissed for a Joke!

Archbishop Laud was a man of very short stature. Charles the First and the Archbishop sat down to dinner one day when it was agreed that Archie, the King’s jester, should say the Grace for them,

“Great praise to be given to God, but little Laud to the Devil!”

For this sally, Archbishop Laud was weak enough to insist upon Archie’s dismissal!



Lincoln’s Long Legs!


A group of men were discussing Stephen Douglas and his physical peculiarities, Abraham Lincoln happened to join the men at this point and turning, from the specific subject under discussion, one of them asked the President how long he thought a man’s legs should be.


Well, drawled Lincoln, “I should think a man’s legs ought to be long enough to reach from his body to the ground.”



Tallness Anecdote

When Lincoln heard that a General who was supporting Mc Clellan’s Presidential candidacy had been relieved of his command the President countermanded the order saying,

“Supporti ng General Mc Clellan for the Presidency is no violation of army regulations, and as a aqustion of taste in between him and me – well I am the longest, but he is better than looking.”


xxx Subham xxxx




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