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Date: 11 June 2017

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Pictures are taken from various sources such as Face book, Wikipedia and newspapers; thanks.

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Following is an extract from the book “Gods of India” by Rev. Osborn Martin published in London in 1914. He compares the Kalki Avatar, the tenth incarnation of Lord Vishnu yet to come, with the Messiahs in different religions:


“ Kalki Avatara is called ‘Nish Kalank’ i.e. spotless and sinless. It is said that Vishnu will be born in the family of Vishnu yasas, a devout Brahmin of Sambhal village, when he will be endowed with eight superhuman faculties ( Ashta Ma Siddhis) by means of which he will destroy Mlechchas, thieves, robbers and all whose minds are devoted to inequity”.

(Mlechcha means who don’t believe in God or righteousness or rule of law. In the classical Tamil and Sanskrit literature it meant Greeks, Romans and the Arabs)

“As the Jews still wait for the promised Messiah who is to inaugurate a reign of righteousness, so it is the pious hope of and expectation of the Hindus that Vishnu will again visit the scene of his past exploits, to usher in a reign of universal prosperity and peace.”

“In striking agreement with the Christian prophecy of the second coming of Christ in the Book of Revelation, this descent will not come to pass until the end of Kali Yuga or Fourth Yuga which began when Krishna reascended into heaven, from which time the world has become wholly corrupt.


When evil reigns supreme, Kalki is to be revealed in the sky, riding a white horse, with drawn sword, blazing like a comet, for the final destruction of the wicked, and the restoration of a new era of purity, righteousness and peace, similar to the first period, the Krita Yuga or Golden Age.

Some of the depressed classes in India, comfort themselves by the expectation that Kalki will appear as their future deliverer and the restorer of their lost social position. How remarkable it is that a belief in a coming Redeemer seems to exist in all religions. The Jew, Christian, and Hindu, the Buddhist, who looks forward to a future Buddha, and the Muhammedan, who awaits the coming Mahdi, all unite in great hope of the future.”



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