Strategy Anecdotes and Panchatantra Story! (Post No.4036)

Written by London Swaminathan
Date: 29 June 2017
Time uploaded in London- 10-06 am
Post No. 4036

Pictures shown here are taken from various sources such as Facebook friends, Books, Google and newspapers; thanks.


All of us know the Panchatantra story written in Sanskrit 2000 years ago where the crows took revenge upon the owls by setting fire to their nests in the night. Tiruvalluvar, in his Tamil Veda Tirukkural (Kural couplet 481) also referred to that story.

We also know that Asvattama watched this and adopted the same technique to kill the Pandava family members (see Mahabharata)

We also know that the greatest Brahmin poet Kabilar, who is the biggest contributor to Sangam Tamil corpus, trained the birds to fetch grains to the Parambu Hills when the three mighty Tamil kings laid a siege to the Parambu Nadu of the philanthropist chieftain Pari (Ref.Akam 78 and Akam 303 sung by Nakkiran and Avvai)

Last but not the least, it reminds us of Hanuman burning the city of Lanka with his tail, which was set on fire by Ravana’s men.


Since I have written about all these episodes I am not going to repeat it. But something similar happened just 1000 years ago in England. Read the anecdote given below:


The Norwegian king, Harold Hardrada, who lost his life in the battle of Stamford Bridge in 1066, fought for some time under the banner of the Byzantine emperors. On one of his expeditions to Sicily, he came with his army to a populous town, to which he laid siege. The walls, however, were so strong that he began to doubt whether it would be possible to make a breach in them; and the burghers had plenty of provisions, and everything which they needed for their defence.


Harold, therefore ordered his fowlers to catch the small birds that nested in the town, and flew to the forest during the day in quest of food. He then caused splinters of inflammable wood, smeared with wax and sulphur , to be fastened on their backs and enkindled. The birds, when set at liberty, flew immediately to the town to revisit their young and their nests on the rooftops of the houses, which were thatched with straw and reeds. The fire fell from, the birds on the thatch, and although each bore but a small quantity, their number was so great that one house after another began to burn, until the whole town was in flames. The inhabitants then came out and implored mercy, and Harold thus got possession of the town.


Abraham Lincoln’s Discovery!


After Lee had taken Harpers ferry, the President realising how great it was a calamity to the Northern Arms, determined if possible to fix the responsibility. Halle know was summoned but did not know where the blame lay.


Very well, said Lincoln, I will ask general Schenck. The latter could throw no light upon the question further than to say he was not to blame. Milroy was the next to be called to the presence of the commander in chief, and to enter a plea of not guilty. Hooker was next given a hearing, and Fighting Joe made an emphatic disclaimer of al. responsibility.


Then the president assembled the four in his room and said,

Gentlemen, Harpers ferry was surrendered, and none of you, it seems, is responsible. I am very anxious to discover who is. After striding across the room several times, the President suddenly threw up his bowed head and exclaimed, I have it! I know who is responsible.

Who, Mr President; who is it? anxiously inquired the distinguished quartet.

Gentlemen, said the president,

General Lee is the man




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