Civilians in War Anecdotes (Post No.4146)

compiled by London Swaminathan


Date: 10 August 2017


Time uploaded in London- 14-57


Post No. 4146

Pictures shown here are taken from various sources such as Facebook friends, Books, Google and newspapers; thanks.




When the disasters of Franco Prussian War were falling thickly, and the iron band was closing  around Paris , word came that Victor Hugo was coming to the city. He came at the very moment that the investment was complete, with the last train, the last breath of fresh air. On the way he had seen Germans, seen villages burned with petroleum, and he came to imprison himself in Paris. A memorable ovation was given him by the people, and they never forgot his voluntary sharing of their sufferings.



To Hell with Hitler

Harvey Klemmer tells this story,

“Just before leaving England, I met a Cockney who had been buried beneath the ruins of his fish and chip shop. Fish and chips are not my idea of the proper food for building morale. However, there was nothing wrong with the morale of this chap. When the rescue workers dug him out of the remains of his little business– which by now consisted of a potpourri of fish, fat, bricks and plaster– he dusted himself off, drew himself up to his full five feet seven and spat into the wreckage

“To ‘ell with ‘itler”


An old watchman in a London warehouse was a bit perturbed because his son wouldn’t take cover in the air raids. He went into the street and gave the lad a cuff on the ear.

“Get the hell inside”, he said, “and let the shrapnel fall down”.



At the outbreak of the Franco Prussian War one patriotic Parisian cab man, after driving a Prussian attaché to the station to join the regiment, refused to take any fare.

“A man does not pay for being driven to his own funeral. So, adieu, Monsieur”..




Many persons who have taken first aid courses in the present war will be interested in the case of an inquisitive elderly lady who bent solicitously over a wounded soldier whose head was swathed with bandages.

“Are you wounded in the head, my boy ?”, she asked.

“No, madam”, said the victim feebly,

“I was shot in the foot and the bandaged slipped up”.




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