Officer Anecdotes: Donkeys and Officers are Same! (Post No.4156)


Compiled by London Swaminathan


Date: 23 August 2017


Time uploaded in London- 16-09


Post No. 4156

Pictures shown here are taken from various sources such as Facebook friends, Books, Google, Wikipedia and newspapers; thanks.


General Grant once expressed his contempt for a certain officer. Another General protested that the man in question had been through ten campaigns .

General,said Grant,

So has that mule yonder, but he is still a jackass.



Abraham Lincoln and Barnum

Once during the War, Barnum brought his show to Washington and invited president Lincoln to come and see its wonders.

The president noted all the exhibitions with appropriate remarks and, when shown the midgets, General Tom Thumb and Admiral Nutt, remarked to Barnum,

“You have some pretty small generals, but I think I can beat you.”



Gorge V


When George V was Prince of Wales , he held the rank of Lieutenant in the Marines. One day on the afterdeck of a battle ship, he was conducting drill under the supervision of a senior officer. The deck had been cleared even of its quad rails . The prince was not well versed in drills and his superior was clearly put out his awkwardness and slowness of command. At last the squad was marching full on for the stern and the unguarded edge and it seemed as though the Prince had forgotten the command to stop, or face about, or else failed to realise the situation.

Sputtering with wrath, the officer snapped, as the men neared the edge, “God Almighty, Sir, can’t you at least say Goodbye to your men!”


No questions,please!

Stonewall Jackson sent the following telegram to the War Department at Richmond

“Send me more men and fewer questions.”




Only one small Complaint!

A French field marshal who had attained that rank by court favour, not by valour, going one evening to an opera, forcibly took possession of the box of a respectable Abbé, who for this outrage brought a suit.

The Abbé thus addressed the court,

I do not come here to complain of Admiral Suffrein  who took so many ships in the EastIndies ;

I do not come here to complain of Count de Grace  who fought so nobly in the West

I do not come here to complain of the Duke de Crebillon who took Minorca.

But I come to complain of Marshal B —- who took my box at the Opera, and never took anything else.




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