Send a barrel of whiskey to every General :Abraham Lincoln (Post No.4186)

Send a barrel of whiskey to every General :Abraham Lincoln (Post No.4186)
Compiled by London Swaminathan


Date: 5 September 2017


Time uploaded in London- 17-20


Post No. 4186


Pictures are taken from various sources; thanks.



Brigadier General in Five Minutes!

When president Lincoln heard of the Confederate raid at Fairfax, in which a brigadier general and a number of valuable horses were captured he  gravely observed

“Well, I am sorry for the horses”

“Sorry for the horses, Mr President!, exclaimed the Secretary of War, raising his spectacles and throwing himself back in his chair in astonishment.

“Yes” ,replied Lincoln, “ I can make a brigadier general in five minutes, but it is not easy to replace a hundred and ten horses.”



General Grant is a Drunkard!

General Grant is a drunkard, asserted powerful and influential politicians to President Lincoln, “he is not himself half the time, he can’t be relied upon and it is a shame to have such a man in command of an army”.

So Grant gets drunk, does he? queried Lincoln

“Yes he does and I can prove it,” was the reply.

“Well, returned Lincoln, with the faintest suspicion of a twinkle in his eyes

“You need not waste your time getting proof. You just find out, to oblige me, what brand of whiskey Grant drinks because I want to send a barrel of it to each one of my generals.”




Woman’s request!

A woman once approached Lincoln rather imperiously,

Mr President, she said very theatrically, “you must give me a colonel’s commission for my son. Sir, I demand it, not as a favour but as a right. Sir my grand father fought at Lexington. Sir, my uncle was the only man that did not run away at Blandensburg  Sir my father fought at New Orleans and my husband was killed at Monterey

“I guess”, madam, answered Lincoln dryly

“Your family has done enough for the country. It is time to give somebody else a chance.”



Mules are more valuable

On one occasion a friend burst into Lincoln s room to tell him that a brigadier general and twelve army mules had been carried off by a Confederate raid.

How unfortunate! Those mules cost us two hundred dollars a piece,was the President s reply



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