Reputation Anecdotes! (Post No. 4271)

Compiled by London Swaminathan


Date: 4 October 2017


Time uploaded in London- 18-08


Post No. 4271

Pictures shown here are taken from various sources such as Facebook friends, Books, Google and newspapers; thanks.



Police Never knew me!

An Irishman was charged with a petty offence. Have you anybody here who can vouch for your charcter?, said the judge.

Yes, Your Honour, the sheriff there can.


(Sheriff= law enforcement officer)

Why, I do not even know this man, exclaimed the sheriff.

Observe, Your Honour!, said the Irishman triumphantly, that I have lived 12 years in this country and the sheriff doesn’t even know me.




Enrico Caruso= Robinson Crusoe!

It is humbling, to all men of note to find themselves at sometime outside of the spheres in which their talent and fame are known, and to see themselves as lesser individuals.

(Enrico Caruso= famous Opera singer)

The great Enrico Caruso once stopped at a farm during a drive through the country. He obtained water and something to eat, and while he was talking in a friendly way with the farmer, the latter chanced to inquire his name. He said his name was Caruso. Instantly the farmer was transfixed.

What an honour, he said what an honour to have in my own house that great traveller, Robinson Crusoe.




Businessman of Doubtful Reputation!

One of the powerful figures in Wall Street fell in love with an actress and for many months danced constant attendance upon her and squired her about in the fashionable circles of town.

Deciding to marry her, he first prudently put a private detective to the job of looking into the antecedents in order to guard himself against any rash mistake. At last he received his agent’s report.

(Squire= nobleman acting like an attendant to someone)


Miss Blank enjoys an excellent reputation. Her past is spotless. Hr associates have been irreproachable. The only breath of scandal is that in recent months, she has been much seen in the company of a businessman of doubtful reputation.





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