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Date: 2 MARCH 2018


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India is one country; Indian culture is one culture from Himalayas to Kanyakumari. India has been united for several thousand years. Even before the foreign invaders came, it was one country with one culture. It is amazing to see the people in the north and the south shared the same beliefs about fish, tortoise and crocodile for over 2000 years. What Chanakya said in a sloka/verse 2300 years in Bihar (Magada Samrajya) is in  2000 year old Sangam Tamil literature. And this belief is unique to India!

Chanakya said in Chanakya Niti

“Just as a female fish rears its offspring by sight, a female tortoise by thinking about it and a female bird by touching it, so does contact with good people (the human beings)”

The message is that good people’s thought, contact and sight influence a person. It helps a person.

darsana dyaanasam sparsair matsii kuurmii ca pakshnii

sisum paalayate wityam tathaa sajjanasangatih



In south India goddess Meenakshi of Madurai is called Fish eyed goddess. She protects her devotees like the fish. Sangam Tamil literature say that the tortoises and turtles always think about the eggs they have laid and this only hatches them.

Sangam Poets say,

The hero’s love is as essential to the life of the heroine as is the tender care of the mother turtle to the growth of its young ones.

-Kuruntokai 152


Like the young ones of turtles  looking towards their mother’s faces.

–Ainkurunuru 44, Akam.160

In several places around the world, the turtles lay eggs in thousands in the coastal areas and when the turtle eggs are hatched they swim towards their mother turtles by instinct. Probably this led to the belief that the turtle and its young one always think about each other.

Fish Eyed Goddess Meenakshi of Madurai Temple.




(I have already given part of the following passage)


“One should accept nectar even from poison, gold even from filth, knowledge even from a lowly person and a jewel of a woman even from a lowly family”

Chankaya niti, chapter 1, sloka/verse17

Vishaadapyamrutam graahyamedhyaadapi kaancanam

Niicaadapyuttamaam vidhyaam striiratnam dushkulaadapi

Tamil Poet Tiruvalluvar says,

Men with learning, even of lower birth, are of greater worth,

Than ignorant men though high born (Kural 409)

Parimel Azakar, the most famous commentator of Tirukkural says,

“This means that the superiority of the understanding born of learning, which gets attached to the soul for ever, is greater than the superiority of one’s caste which dies along with one’s body” (K M Balasubramaniam’s translation of Parimel Azakar’s comment)


Tamil king Nedunchezian in Purananuru  verse 183 says that the king would call for service one from the lowest of the four Varnas if he is more educated.

Manu says that a person can learn from the lowest caste and treat him like Guru. He also says women can be married from any caste if they are good. Vasistha’s wife Arundhati is shown as an example.


Manu Smrti says in second chapter

2-238. He who possesses faith may receive pure learning even from a man of lower caste, the highest law even from the lowest, and an excellent wife even from a base family.

2-239. Even from poison nectar may be taken, even from a child good advice, even from a foe (a lesson in) good conduct, and even from an impure (substance) gold.

(This verse is in Chanakya  Niti as well)

2-240. Excellent wives, learning, the knowledge of the law, the rules of purity, good advice, and various arts may be acquired from anybody.

2-241. It is prescribed that in times of distress a student may learn the Veda from one who is not a Brahmana; and that he shall walk behind and serve (such a) teacher, as long as the instruction lasts. (This shows Vedas were memorised by other castes as well; Brahmins, Kshatriyas and Vaisyas wen to Guru Kula to learn the Vedas)

Great Men Think Alike!








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