SCHOPENHAUER:Ram Tirtha’s Diary Notes – part 4 (Post No.5047)

Compiled by S NAGARAJAN


Date: 26 MAY 2018


Time uploaded in London –  7-05 am  (British Summer Time)


Post No. 5047


Pictures shown here are taken from various sources such as Facebook friends, Books, Google and newspapers; thanks. Pictures may be subject to copyright laws.



ஸ்வாமி ராமதீர்த்தரின் குறிப்பேடுகள் சிலவற்றின் தொகுப்பு – 4







Schopenhauer in his Parerga 11 and 185 :

“How thoroughly does the Upanishad breathe the holy spirit of the Vedas and how does every one, who by diligent perusal has familiarized himself with the Persian – Latin of this incomparable book, feel himself stirred to his innermost by that spirit. Oh! How the mind is here washed clean of all its early ingrafted Jewish superstition and all philosophy servile to that superstition! It is the most profitable and the most elevating reading which (the original text excepted) is profitable in the world. It has been the consolation of my life and well be the consolation of my death.”

  • from Notebook 11


To Strengthen Memory


Live in God, not only the known past, but even the unknown past or future will begin to flash in your mind.

  • from Notebook 11




Infinite Luck


No houses, no home

In rays we roam

United together

Birds of the same feather

No care, no pain,

No loss, no gain,

No fraud, no fear,

No debt, ‘tis clear,

No bondage, tie

No fire, no fry

No book to read

To sow no seed,

No plough to till,

No barn to fill,

No tax to pay,

No toll to lay,

No sheep to rear

No laws to fear,

O free we wander,

Here, there and yonder!

No aim, no game,

No name, no fame,

Love-lorn lunatics,

Wandering fanatics,

With wonder struck,

By Infinite luck.






Hegel Saying

The whole history of religion since the beginning the Christian era combines to show that Christianity is a religion which can make men good only if they are good already. – Hegel

From Notebook 10




Live with Truth



Your league shoule be with Truth alone. Even if you are obliged to stand alone, live with Truth, die in Truth.If on the eternal hights of Truth living thou art left alone, the Righteousness should be companion enough for you. Comrades will beging to pour in by taking the living suggestion from you. That organisation will be natural. Don’t run after organising.

I do not want to produce any converts. I simply live the Truth.

Truth requires no defence and defenders. Does the sunlight require any apostles and messengers?

I do not spread the truth, the Truth spreads through me.

If the people of India all forsake me, what are I. I am the Truth.

From Notebook 9


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