Smoking and Hotels Anecdotes (Post No.5113)



Date: 15 JUNE 2018


Time uploaded in London –  8-11 am  (British Summer Time)


Post No. 5113


Pictures shown here are taken from various sources such as Facebook friends, Books, Google and newspapers; thanks. Pictures may be subject to copyright laws.


Charles Steinmetz, the electrical wizard, was an inveterate smoker. When a notice forbidding smoking was posted in the General Electric plant where he worked, Steinmetz ignored it until an executive asked if he was not aware of the rule.  The answer was a cold indifferent stare.

The next day Steinmertz didn’t show up, and for two days no one heard  from him, while important work untouched.  Then began a serious search which ended in the lobby of a Buffalo hotel where he was found sitting at ease in a huge chair puffing a cigar.


Told that the whole company was looking for him, and asked why he had left so unceremoniously, he calmly replied, came up here to have a smoke.

After that the smoking rule was never applied to him.



Profane Archbishop!

A certain Elector of Cologne, who was at the same time Archbishop, had one day made mad use of profane words and then said to a farmer who could not conceal his astonishment,

“Why do you look so surprised?”

The farmer replied, “because an archbishop can be so profane”


“I do not swear as an archbishop”, replied that person, but as a prince.

“But Your Highness, answered the farmer, when the prince goes to hell, what will become of the archbishop?”

Profane= to treat something sacred with abuse




A game of poker Dolmonico’s had lasted well into the night when one of the party, the late Colonel John R Fellows, ordered a plate of sandwiches. The familiar dainty triangle variety was served and  disappeared instantly. A hungry about went up for more.


More sandwiches, waiter, said Fellows.

Yes, sir; how many sir? Returned the waiter.

Well, said Fellows, with a calculating air, judging by the size of your sandwiches and the size of this bill, I should say about 2000 dollars’ worth.



Mr Disraeli said he did not remember a certain inn, upon which the owner assured  him he must be mistaken.


You must remember the house, sir; there was a very handsome bar maid there, monstrous fine gal–  you must have been in Kings Arms sir.

Perhaps, said Disraeli, “if I had been in her arms I might have remembered it.



For a laconic philosophy, it is hard to match the case of the man who checked into a hotel in small Mid-Western city and went up to his room. Later in the evening he came down, his suit case in his hand,  and checked out.

What is the trouble, sir? Asked the clerk, slightly puzzled.

Don’t you find the room satisfactory?

The room is alright, said the man, except for one thing. It is on fire.

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