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Date: 25 JULY 2018


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Pictures shown here are taken from various sources such as Facebook friends, Wikipedia, Books, Google and newspapers; thanks. Pictures may be subject to copyright laws.



We have been reading Ramayana for several centuries; there is more sociology, anthropology, geography, history, tourism, travel news, religion, nature, astrology, ethics etc in it. Not many people considered those aspects. There is a book with the title Glimpses of Bharatiya History written by Dr Rajendra Singh Kushwanha published in 2003. It has several interesting information. What I have found new in it Rama’s travel from Uttar Pradesh in India to Sri Lanka. He had spent 14 years outside Ayodhya, his birth place, roughly calculated for 5113 days (365 days X 14 years + 3 leap year days= 5113).


On his way, he met lot of sages, worshipped Banyan tree and Shiva, mingled with hunters like Guha and monkey heroes, killed unruly cannibals, fought with Vali, established a Sri Lankan exile government of Sri Lanka on India soil under Vibhishana, fought and killed Ravana.

We see at least four firsts in the world,

1.First Exile Government in the world (Sri Lankan Govt. under Vibhishana on India soil)

2.Longest walk by an ancient king ( as far as we know Alexander did not walk; he rode on a horse called Bucephalus; more over Rama lived before Moses and others. Later Adi Shankara did it)

  1. Returned the kingdoms he won and installed the local leaders as kings ( Sugriva, Vibhishana)

4.Punished his own wife because one dull witted, ignorant lout complained or suspected; his policy was Caesar’s wife must be above suspicion!


Dr Ramavatar Sharma has done some extensive research using available Ramayanas, folk tales and local beliefs. Though not all the devotees or researchers may agree, it is a good starting point. it lays the foundation for future research in this direction. I have given below the map and the 126 (plus the starting point and finishing point Ayodhya) places Rama, Lakshmana and Sita visited:














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