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After a great deal of urging, Mark Twain’s friends in San Francesco persuaded him to give a lecture on the interesting things he had seen in the Hawaiian Islands during his visit in the fall of 1866. In order to encourage the new lecturer, they promised to place hearty laughers at strategic points among the audience.

Tell them not to investigate my jokes, but to respond at once, Clemens (Mark Twain) said.
When he came out on the platform his knees were so violently that his backers thought that he would not last long enough for the hearty laughers to get into action. But Clemens needed no support, for he won the day by his inimitable opening,
Julius Caesar is dead,
Shakespeare is dead
Napoleon is dead
Abraham Lincoln is dead
And I am far from well myself

When the lecture was over, the audience had been laughing much they were too weak to leave their seats.


Mark Twain in his lecturing days , reached a small Eastern town one afternoon and went before dinner to a barbers to be shaved.
You are a stranger in town, sir? The barber asked.
Yes, I am a stranger here, was the reply.
We are having a good lecture here tonight, sir, said the barber, a Mark Twain lecture. Are you going to it?

Yes, I think I will, said Clemens.
Have you got your ticket yet? The barber asked.
No, not yet, said the other.
Then, sir, you will have to stand.
Dear me, Mr Clemens exclaimed, it seems as if I always do have to stand when I hear that man Twain lecture.



Mark Twain profile
American Children’s Writer
Born Nov.30, 1835
Died Apr. 21, 1910
Age at Death 74

Mark Twain is one of America’s great humorous writers. He created two famous characters— Tom Sawyer and Hhuckleberry Finn .
Twain was born Samuel Leghorne Clemens in Florida, Missouri, the fifth of six children. His father suffered ill health, and the family was poor . In 1839 they moved to Hannibal, a rapidly growing town on the Mississippi River, where Twain went to the local school. When he was 12, his father died and Twain had to leave school to find work.

At age 22 Twain became a river pilot at a time when there were 1000 boats a day on the Mississippi. He followed this trade for four years and loved it, but river traffic ended during the American civil war.
Becoming a full time reporter in 1862, he soon began to use the pen name Mark Twain. He published his first important story at age 32 and his first successful novel, the humorous travel book The Innocents Abroad, when he was 34.

In 1870 Twain married Olivia Langdon, with whom he had five children. He wrote his classic children s stories The Ad,,,, and the adv,,,in his 40s. Twain had become increasingly disillusioned by modern life and personal tragedies, and the book s provided an opportunity for him to relieve the golden days of his boyhood on the Mississippi. Both stories give a realistic picture of life around the Mississippi and are full of adventure and humour. The ad h f , ,, considered his master piece, is noted for its accurate and sympathetic depiction of adolescent life.


1867 The Celebrated Jumping Frog of Calaveras County and Other Sketches
1869 The Innocents Abroad
1872 Roughing It
1876 The Adventures of Tom Sawyer
1881 The Prince and The Pauper
1884 The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn
1894 Pudd’n head Wilson A Tale

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