Edison was Sacked Twice! (Post No.5722)

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Date: 1 December 2018

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Post No. 5722

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I am not a scientist! I am business man!

Thomas A Edison never forgot his role as a business man. The profit motive was an essential part of his temperament. Once he said practically to a friend referring to a newspaper article which discussed him as a scientist,
That is wrong. I am not a scientist. I am an inventor. Faraday was a scientist. He didn’t work for money, he said he hadn’t time. But I do. I measure everything I do by the size of a silver dollar. If it doesn’t come up to that standard, then I know it is no good.


Cunning Edison

The late Thomas A Edison had a very beautiful summer residence in which he took great pride. One day he was showing his guests about, pointing out all the various labour saving devices on the premises. Turning back toward the house it was necessary to pass through a turn style which led on to the main path. The guests soon found out that it took considerable force to get through this device.
Mr Edison, one of his guests asked, how is it with all these wonderful modern things around, you still maintain such a heavy turnstile?

Said Mr Edison, his eyes lighting up with laughter,
Well, you see, everyone who pushes the turnstile around pumps eight gallons of water into the tank on my roof.


Sacked for Killing Rats!

I got fired twice, said Edison.
The first time was when I was a telegraph operator. It was my fault, alright, but I got so interested in the dinged machine and its workings that I began to see how I could improve it. But I forgot all about the messages that were coming over the wire, and I left a lot of messages unsent and undelivered. Of course, they discharged me and I didn’t blame them, he added.

Then he laughed again, I got a job in an office, and there were a fearful lot of rats; terribly old office, you know. I got up a thing that killed them like flies— the same with cockroaches. The floor used to be covered with dead roaches and they fired me for that.

Thomas A Edison, sacked twice, business man
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