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Inventors anecdotes

Inventor of Steam Boat Shed Tears of Joy!

One of the most interesting incidents of a business nature isthat which concerns the first steam boat fare paid to Robert Fulton. Thenarrator of this, who was also one of the actors on the scene says,

“I chanced to be at Albany on business when Fulton arrived there in his unheard-of craft, which everybody felt so much interest in seeing. Being ready to leave and hearing that this craft was going to return to New York, I repaired on board and inquired for Mr Fulton.
I was referred to the cabin, and there found a plain, gentlemanly man, wholly alone, and engaged in writing.

Mr Fulton, I presume

Yes, sir.

Do you return to New York with this boat?
We shall try to get back, sir.
Can I have a passage down?
You can take your chance with us, sir.

I inquired the amount to be paid, and, after a moment’s hesitation a sum
I think six dollars was named, the amount in coins, I laid in his open hand, and, eye fixed upon it, he remained so long motionless, that I suppose d there might be a miscount, and said to him,

Is that right, sir?

This question roused him as a kind of reverie, and as he looked up to me the big tear was brimming in his eye, and his voice faltered as he said,

Excuse me, sir; but memory was busy as I contemplated this, the first pecuniary reward I have ever received for all my exertions in adapting steam to navigation. I should gladly commemorate the occasion over a bottle of wine with you, but I am really too poor, even for that just now.”


‘I was not Thomas Alva Edison’

A step which seems obvious after it has been taken is frequently obscure before the way has been pointed out, no matter how close to it we may have been led by the slow and painful processes of subdividing an electric current

Subsequently a patent suit arose over the matter in which famous English physicist Tyndall, was called upon to testify.
He mentioned that he had followed the same course taken by Edison and had hesitated before the final step which now seemed so childishly clear

One of the attorneys demanded of him
When the next step was so obvious, Why did you not take it?
Because, said Tyndall,

‘I was not Thomas Alva Edison’.


How Gramophone was invented!

Thomas A Edison told, himself, about the invention of thephonograph
I was working on the telephone, developing the carbon buttontransmitter. My hearing wasn’t too good and I couldn’t get the sounds asclearly as I wanted to, so I fixed a short needle on the diaphragm of thereceiver. When I left my finger rest lightly on this needle the pricks would showme its amplitude and that is what I wanted to find out.

One day when I was testing this way it occurred to me that ifI could indent a yielding substance with these vibrations I could reverse theprocess and reproduce the sounds. I sat down and made a sketch of a machinethat I thought would do the trick.

Then I called in John Krusei, my chief mechanic. I explainedthe mechanism and asked him what he would charge me for making it. He said hewould make it for thirty dollars and I told him to go ahead. Then he asked mewhat it was for, and I told him it was going to talk. He thought i was jokingand went away laughing.

When he finished the machine and brought it back to me I putthe tin foil on, stared her up, and recited
‘Mary had a little lamb’
When I reversed and the words began to come back, Kruseinearly fell over.

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