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Date: 24 December 2018
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Mathematicians Anecdotes

When the Greek philosophers found that the square root of 2 is not a rational number, they celebrated the victory by sacrificing 100 oxen.


PASCAL – A born mathematician

Pascal’s genius for geometry began to appear before he was even 12 years old, in the room where he passed his hours of play. He procured a piece of charcoal, and drew diagrams on the floor, trying to make a circle, perfectly round, a triangle with equal sides and angles, a perfect parallelogram and like thing. He discovered all this unaided and then turned his attention to the properties of these figures and their mutual relations and proportions. But as his father had with such great care concealed from him all mathematical works, the poor boy did not even know the names of the figures he drew.

Compelled to make his own definitions he called a circle ‘a round’ and a line a ‘bar’ etc and with these very primitive definitions, proceeded to construct his axioms, till at last he wrought out complete demonstrations!

Step by step he advanced in his studies, one discovery opening the door to another; and so far did he push his researches, that without ever seeing a mathematical work, he got to the thirty second proposition of the book of Euclid.



Edison approached the mathematical aspects of his science with that same practical instinct and native ability that characterised every other phase of his work. He often succeeding in beating the mathematicians on his staff to the draw in search for correct formulae, seeming to arrive at his conclusions through infallible instinct and native genius.

“These mathematicians make me tired”, he often said, “you ask them to work out a sum and they take a piece of paper, cover it with rows of’ ‘a’ s and ‘b’ s and ‘x’ s and’ y’ s. Decorate them with a lot of little numbers, scatter a mess of fly specks around them and then give you an answer that is all wrong!


Explorers Anecdotes — KANGAROO!

When Captain Cook discovered Australia, his sailors brought a strange animal aboard ship whose name they did not know. Sent ashore to inquire of the natives, they came back and said,

‘It is a kangaroo’.

Many years passed before it was known when the natives were asked to name the animal and said, ‘Kangaroo’, they meant,

‘What did you say?’


·  Robert Falson Scott, the explorer, applied to Lloyd George for assistance in financing of his last and fatal polar expedition. The then Chancellor referred him to a certain wealthy man, also of some prominence in the political scene.

·  How did you succeed? Asked Lloyd George, when the explorer again called on him.

·  “He gave me a thousand pounds” was the reply,” but he has undertaken to raise 20,000 pounds if I can persuade you to come with me, and a million if I can manage to leave you there”.

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