Map of Kaveri River Basin


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Date: 3 February  2019
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ஆறுகளின் வரைபடம்

தமிழ் நாட்டின் ஆறுகளின் வரைபடம்; மாவட்டங்கள் 1938ஆம் ஆண்டு எல்லைகளைக் காட்டுகின்றன.

Rivers in Salem District map

Map of Rivers in Tirunelveli District

Map of Rivers in Koyamputhur District

Map of Chennai District rivers

Map of Rivers in Madurai District

Map of Rivers in North Arcot in Tamil Nadu

Map of Rivers in Ramanathapuram District

  Map of Rivers in Thiruchirappalli District


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  1. This is both interesting and saddening. While we note the rich variety of the water resources [ rivers, rivulets, streams etc] that were present and functioning in the old Madras state, we are shocked to realise the state of these natural endowments in the present day Tamil Nadu! Most of the small streams do not flow now- the areas having been encroached. These streams had water flowing only during the rainy season, and had links with the lakes, ponds, other rivulets etc on their way. ( This was noted by Sir Arthur Cotton during his surveys in the old Tanjore dist.} But their basins and catchment areas were not disturbed when there was no flowing water. But in these 80 years since the above maps were drawn, the situation has drastically deteriorated, with political patronage.. Most streams are not flowing even in the rainy season, and their links have been cut off. Widespread encroachment has taken place all along the routes , the towns along the way having expanded and the population grown over four times .
    The real problem is no one cares. The sad part is that people now do not know how to deal with rivers and rivulets. Population growth has naturally led to greater exploitation of water, but the patterns of usage have also changed and render the water unfit for drinking and pollute the river all along the course.

    Dams may augment storage at some places, but they lead to disaster all along the course as the vastly reduced flow interferes with charging ground water, which at the same time is sucked off by tube wells. The indiscriminate resort to tube wells has drastically reduced the ground water, and this affects the big lakes too. Surface water sources have almost disappeared due to tube wells. Damming the Cauvery river has led to drying up of the delta region, shrinking agricultural acerage. This may lead to invasion of sea water in the coastal areas and pollution of ground water. Reservoirs created by dams like on the Noyyal river store water completely polluted by industrial effluents and are totally unfit for human or agricultural use. Everywhere, untreated sewage is freely discharged into these old waterways.

    The old religious attitude kept the rivers clean and unpolluted. The ‘scientific’ progress and economic ‘development’ have led to easy pollution!

    We learn that in the US they have realised the folly of building dams, [ “where the costs – including environmental, safety, and socio-cultural impacts – outweigh the benefits – including hydropower, flood control, irrigation, or recreation “- http://www.americanrivers.org] and many dams have been dismantled, to let the water flow freely, leading to an ecological revival.! There are other ways of achieving the objectives for which dams are built.They are breaking dams there and allowing the rivers to run their natural course. One wonders whether and when such wisdom will dawn on our people and rulers! ( We are planning one more dam on the Cauvery!) We want the rivers to flow free, even as the birds are free to fly in the air!

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