Number Five in World Literature (Post No.6469)

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Compiled  by London Swaminathan

Date: 31 May 2019

British Summer Time uploaded in London – 15-16

Post No. 6469

Pictures shown here are taken from various sources including google, Wikipedia, Facebook friends and newspapers. This is a non- commercial blog. ((posted by AND

pancha mukha Ganesh

What are Panchangam? Panchmrutam … – Tamil and Vedas…/what-are-panchangam-panchmrutam-…

29 Feb 2016 – panchangam. What are the five parts of PanchangamPanchangam is calendar or ephemeris; it is called so because there are five parts to it; …

Naga Panchami, Rishi Panchami are explained by e in my old articles.

Naga Panchami | Tamil and Vedas


4 Aug 2018 – Posts about Naga Panchami written by Tamil and Vedas. …… Picture shows Indus Snake …

Rishi Panchami | Tamil and Vedas

4 Aug 2018 – … They celebrate Hindu festivals such as Dasara and Naga Panchami.

WHY DO HINDUS WORSHIP URSA MAJOR ON RISHI PANCHAMI ……/why-do-hindus-worship-ursa-major-o…


20 Mar 2019 – 1. 4 Aug 2018 – Posts about Naga Panchamiwritten by Tamil and Vedas. HINDU FESTIVAL …

Over one hundred Five Things are coming…………..

To be continued


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