London swaminathan, Swami Nirliptanandaa, Dr Sugha of Nottingham in the panel discussion.

Written by London Swaminathan

Date: 22 June 2019

British Summer Time uploaded in London –  19-

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Bhavesh speaking

As part of Hindu Forum of Europe’s AGM a discussion on the Sustainability of Hinduism was held today in London. I was part of the panel hat led the discussion. Swami Sri Nirliptananda of London and Dr Sudha of Nottingham were with me. Swamiji underlined the role of Dharma in Hinduism. He said that Dharma is the foundation of Hinduism and that Is what protecting the religion for thousands of years. He quoted the famous saying Dharmo Rakshati Rakshtah (Dharma protects those who protect/follow Dharma).

Almost all the 30 members present took part in the discussions. Dr Lakshmi Vyas, President of Hindu Forum of Europe, welcomed every one. Mr Bhavesh introduced the speakers.

The topics discussed were Hinduism- ‘the greatest and oldest religion’, Unique features of Hinduism, and how it is sustained.

Following points were presented by the members:

Hinduism s a way of life;

It is based on excellent philosophy;

It is the only religion which respects other religion.

Hindus consider every one equal and do not call others with disrespectful words (Kafir, Pagan  etc)

It gives us a discipline through which we attain knowledge;

It helps us to attain Moksha/liberation.

Sacred books of other religions are much younger to Hindu scriptures. They can be dated.

Hinduism is Sanatan= eternal.

Hinduism is the only religion that is environmentally friendly. Vegetarianism helps environment.

Yoga leads to healthy life which is accepted throughout the world

Hindus life mingle with nature giving  respect to trees and animals.

Hindus consider the whole worlds as one and the religion says Vasudaiva Kutumpakam.

From the time of Big Bang we have calculations and we are in the 14th Manvantara (Period of 14th Manu).

Other religions are based on one saint; we have hundreds and thousands of saints.

A religion can sustain:

Only when it considers everyone equal;

Only when it is environmentally friendly

Only when it doesn’t harm any animal or human being.

Only when it gives respect to all;

Only when it is kind towards nature and animals.

That way Hinduism is sustainable and we have been here from the Days of Ramayana and Gita.

I added the following points

To teach the school students we have to speak in simple language:

1.We believe in One God who can be worshipped in various forms;

2.We believe in Karma Theory; Do Good; you will received good.

3.We believe in Rebirth

These are the three things that differentiate from Semitic religions.

I also added, we have to present everything in a scientific  way;

Archaeologically we are the oldest because we see clay tablets in cuneiform writing in Turkey/Syria giving the names of Vedic Gods who are worshipped even today.

Historically we are the oldest, because even Greek writes wrote in third century BCE at these people (Hindus) have 6000 years history. We have had over 140 generations in our Puranas. So we have to do back calculation from 3rd century BCE that is 2300 years ago!

Culturally we were far superior when you place us along with Babylonians, Egyptians, Greeks and Mayan. No one can suddenly insert a new custom in marriage or funeral rituals. Those facts show thousands of years of development.

Members kept on adding valid points. The morning discussion came to an end just before the Lunch. AGM was held in the afternoon with Members from Italy, Spain, Belgium, Sweden, Hungary and Britain presenting progress reports. Representatives from Holland, Portugal and Germany couldn’t come because of International Yoga Day celebrations etc.

Spain representative invited the European Hindu Forum to hold its next session in Spain.


22nd JUNE 2019 – Murray House,  1 Vandon Passage, Victoria SW1H 0AS





             Annual activity report

             Financial report

             Member organization reports

             Co-opting from Antwerp

             Induction of New Members

             Board  composition/ Expansion/Resignations

             Strategy plan 2019-21




participants in the discussion.
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