Fire in the Hell ! Preacher surprised Audience! (Post.6655)

Compiled  by London Swaminathan

Date: 20 JULY 2019

British Summer Time uploaded in London – 18-4

Post No. 6655

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When the celebrated Reverend Whitfield preached before seamen in New York some 275 years ago he used the following graphic description to describe the plight of sinners:

“Well, my boys, we have a clear sky and are making fine headway over a smooth sea before a light breeze, and we shall soon lose sight of land. But what means this sudden lowering of the heavens and the dark cloud arising from beneath the western horizon? Don’t you hear distant thunder? Don’t you see those flashes of lightning? There is a storm gathering! Every man to his duty! How the waves rise and dash against the ship! The air is dark! The tempest rages! Our masts are gone! The ship is on her beam ends! What next?”

At this point the congregation of tars arose as one man and shouted
“Take to the long boats!”


Fire in the Hell !

It is told of John Wesley that when he saw some of his hearers asleep he stopped in his discourse and shouted:

“Fire !Fire !”

The sleepers were alarmed, and waking up,cried out:
“Where, Sir, where?”
“In hell! , replied Wesley solemnly ,
In hell for these who sleep under the preaching of the word”.


Sorry, Now only Lord’s Word? In the afternoon My better Word !!

A clergyman in a Lawrence church on a recent occasion discovered, after beginning the service , that he had forgotten his notes. As it was too late to send for them , he said to his audience, by way of apology, this morning that he has to depend upon the Lord for what he might say but in the afternoon he would come better prepared.


He is Great! No Religion in his Sermon !

An admirer of a distinguished clergy man remarked in his praise,
President Volley is an excellent preacher— he never put any religion or politics in his sermon

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