Swami’s Crossword Puzzle7819 (Post No.6743)

Written  by London Swaminathan


 Date: 7 AUGUST 2019  
British Summer Time uploaded in London –1

Post No. 6743

 Pictures are taken from various sources.  ((posted by swamiindology.blogspot.com AND tamilandvedas.com))


1. -7 LETTERS—most famous Sanskrit poet

6. – 4/5– – virtue

7. — 6- father of Ashtavakra; he argued with Bandi and lost in Janaka’s court

8. -6- Number 4

9. -6- Hindu’s horoscope


1.– 5 LETTERS-  tenth incarnation of Vishnu

2. – 5- light, easy in Sanskrit and many other Indian languages

3. A -5- stick, one of the four methods to solve problem; punishment, fines

4. -3- goat, brahma

5. – 7- Indonesian island near Java ruled by Hindus for 1000 years



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