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 Date: 7 AUGUST 2019  
British Summer Time uploaded in London –18-1

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A man came to a psychiatrist and proceeded to unfold before the doctor his life story, covering his childhood experiences, his emotional life, his eating habits, his vocational problems, and everything else he could think of.

“Well, said the doctor, it doesn’t seem to me as though there were anything wrong with you. You seem as sane as I am”.

“But ,doctor, protested the patient, a note of horror creeping into his voice, it is these butterflies. I cant stand them . they are all over me”.

“For heaven sake, cried the doctor recoiling, don’t brush them ff on me!”


First prize Appendoctomy!

In West Virginia a contest was once held for a  name  for a new country hospital. The first prize was free appendectomy.



Learn to pronounce


  1. a surgical operation to remove the appendix.

“she had been rushed into hospital for an emergency appendectomy”)



After the war, General Pershing found himself in need of dental care. Following the advice of his dentist, he had a number of teeth. Great was his ingignation when he learned that these teeth were being sold as souvenirs under the name,

Famous General’s Teeth

He hurriedly sent out his aides to round up the molars. There is no record of what he said when they returned with a total of 175 teeth, all urported to be his.


A patient called his dentist for an appointment.

So sorry, said the dentist, not today.

I have eighteen cavities to fill.

Whereupon he hung up the phone, picked up his golf bag and dearted from his office.

(cavity definition: 1. a hole, or an empty space between two surfaces: 2. a hole in a tooth 3. a hollow space in an organ or body part: )


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