Compiled  by  London Swaminathan


 Date: 4 SEPTEMBER 2019

British Summer Time uploaded in London –17-01

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Frog Music!

A farmer advertised a “frog farm” for sale, claiming that he had a pond that was thoroughly stocked with fine bull frogs. A prospective buyer appeared and was taken late one warm evening to the pond that he might hear the frogs. The ‘music’ made so favourable an impression on the buyer and the sale was made. Soon afterward the purchaser proceeded to drain the pond in order to catch and market the frogs, to his surprise, when the water was drained out of the pond, he found that all the noise had been made by one old bull-frog.!


Cat Sale

A poor Irish man applied to one of the overseers of the poor for relief.

“Och, yer honor”, said he, “sure I would be starved long since but for me cat”.

“But for what?” asked the astonished interrogator.

“My ca”, rejoined the Irishman.

“Your cat- how so?”

“Sure, yer honor” I sold her eleven times for six pence a time, and she was always home before I could get there meself”



One time WINSTON CHURCHILL almost missed a train and Mrs Churchill was alarmed. Sir Edward Marsh, Churchill’s private secretary, tried to calm her by saying, “Winston is such a sportsman, he always gives the train a chance to get away”.



Mrs Theodore Roosevelt, the younger, after being absent from home for several days, wired her husband to meet her at a certain station. Hurrying to be on time, Colonel Ted arrived at the station just in time to see the train whiz through at a great speed. Somewhat bewildered, he stared at the speeding cars and was more astonished to see his wife standing on the very back carriage frantically waving an important looking envelope in her hand, spying him, she threw at him, and the train rounding a corner, she disappeared from the sight.

Scrambling about in the bushes into which the envelope had fallen, the Colonel finally found it and quickly opened it. He was amused and was relieved to read,

“Dear Ted: This train doesn’t stop here.”

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