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 Date: 5 SEPTEMBER 2019

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In the days before gold coins were withdrawn from circulation, they were invariably  an object of interest of interest to small boys, not to mention adults. A paternal gentleman making a purchase in the store of little Abie’s father permitted the child to hold in his hand ad examine a shiny five dollar gold piece. To his consternation , as very young children will do, the child popped the gold coin into his mouth and swallowed it.

“Do not worry, do not worry”, said proprietor. I will take him into the back and hold him up by the heels and shake him”. The store owner was gone for some little time. At last he appeared apologetically with some change, and said, “Too bad we couldn’t have worked quicker. Here is two dollars and fifty cents. Abie has digested the rest”.



The folly is ineradicable from human nature is neatly summed up by the case of the middle aged school teacher who invested her life savings in a business enterprise which had been elaborately explained to her by a swindler. When her investment had disappeared and the wonderful dream was shattered, she went to the office of the Better Business Bureau, which was able at once  to confirm her darkest fears. “Why on earth” asked the man, “didn’t you come to us first? Didn’t you know about the Better Business Bureau? ”

“oh yes, “ she said sadly, “I have always known about you. But I didn’t come because I was afraid you would tell me not to do it”.



 Farmer Jones had a very beautiful horse of which he was very proud. One day he drove him into town and carefully tied the animal to the hitching post in front of the local tavern. Two thieves, hurrying through the town, happened to spy the horse and decided to steal it. Realizing that the horse was much too fine and valuable an animal to be stolen in the ordinary manner, they decided on a stratagem to cay out their plan.

One of them hurriedly untied the horse and  rode swiftly away. The other remained by post.

The farmer finally emerged from the tavern. Seeing that his was not where he had left him he was just about to shout when the thief walked up to him. In a sad low tone he said, “Sir, I am your horse. Years ago I sinned and for my sins I was punished. I was changed into a horse. Today my sentence is over, and I can be released if you will be so kind.”

The farmer, amazed yet touched by this story, sent the man away wishing him luck in his new life.

Several weeks later Farmer Jones went to a fair in a neighbouring town. Great was his surprise to see his own horse for sale there. Gazing long at the animal to make sure that his eyes did not deceive him, he walked over and whispering in the horse’s ear, said “ so you have sinned again”

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