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 Date: 18 SEPTEMBER 2019

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During my third trip to India this year (2019), I was fortunate enough to have darshan of Lord Krishna in Udupi in Karnataka on 12th September 2019. It is a big town and district headquarters. So I saw a lively town. I was lucky to have darshan in 15 minutes. I stayed there in Hotel Samanvay which I think is a three star hotel. It’s standard was very high and came equal to good hotels in London. It has a restaurant as well.

Let us go to the temple now. Before we entered the temple we saw yellow sari clad ladies singing the Kirtans on Lord Krishna. The sweet music was broadcast by loudspeakers.  When I went to the temple next morning to get a book on the temple still the bhajan was going on. Only when I examined my pictures, I came to know it was a different group in the same uniform. It looks like the temple surroundings are surcharged with this Bhajans and Kirtans 24 hours a day. (Please see the pictures taken by me).

Where is Udupi?

It is a coastal town in Dakshina Kannada, 380 kilometres from Bengaluru and 60 kilometres from Mangaluru. Well connected by railways and road routes.

What is there to see?

The famous temple of Lord Krishna founded by Saint Madhvacharya is in the town.

There are two interesting things about the temple. Kanakadasa was a great saint. He was born in a low caste and so he was not allowed to have darshan (viewing’ seeing ) of the Lord through the main entrance of the temple. But when he came to the temple complex Lord Krishna himself turned in the direction of Kanaka dasa. He saw the lord’s idol through the window. From that day onwards Lord Krishna was seen only through the Kanakadasa window. It is similar to the story of Saint Nandanar of Tamil Nadu. The low caste devotee was not allowed to have the Darshan of Lord Shiva and so Siva ordered his lieutenant Nandkikeswara to move to a side so that Nandanar can see him.

Lord Krishna of Udupi is decorated with lot of valuable jewellery. The second important thing about the temple is that eight mutts run the temple in rotation. Every tow years, a new mutt takes charge of the temple. All the eight mutts are around the temple.

Udupi is surrounded by many famous towns and beauty spots. Famous Manipal Medical college, beautiful sandy beaches, several temples are in the vicinity. So one should spend a few days in Udupi to see all the places.

Since June to September is a rainy season for Karnataka we also experienced occasional heavy showers. Tourists and devotees throng the area . all through the year.

Another interesting story about Udupi Krishna

Madhvacharya, the great Vaishnava saint and exponent of Dwaita philosophy was doing prayers in the beach . He saw a ship sailing towards a big rock. Madhva alerted the captain of the ship by waving his top cloth and the great disaster was averted. The captain was very grateful and offered any valuable item on the ship. But Madhva said that being a sanyasin / ascetic he couldn’t accept any valuable gift. When Madhva came to know that ship is sailing from Dwaraka, another holy shrine of Lord Krishna with ballast, he asked for the yellow ballast/clay so that he and his devotees could use it for tilak and holy marks on their bodies. Years rolled after this incident and when the ballast was broken into pieces, they found the statues of Balarama and Krishna inside. Balarama was installed in a temple on the beach and Lord Krishna’s statue was taken eight miles inland to the modern Udupi. All this happened 800 years ago.

One more important thing about Udupi is saint Madhva’s birth place Pajaka village is nearby. Malpe is only a few miles away where Balarama temple is situated on the coast.

So one can earn lot of Punya by visiting Udupi and its surrounding holy shrines. I saw lot of Tulsi pots in front of the temple.

Whether one knows Udupi Krishna or not, Udupi hotels (restaurants) are very famous through out South India. The sign Udupi Hotel stands for quality and taste.

Xxx subham xxx

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