Bullet points on Bullion (Post No.7024)



Date: 27 SEPTEMBER 2019

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Post No. 7024

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Learn to pronounce


  1. 1.

gold or silver in bulk before coining, or valued by weight.

“gold bullion”

  • 2.

ornamental braid or fringing made with twists of gold or silver thread.

“bullion cords”

Moses broke the ‘Golden Calf’ in Israel according to the Bible (Exodus 32:1-4). Though it is called Golden Calf it was a bull. Moses was against Idol worship.

The rust free , gleaming metal was associated with the SUN in almost all the cultures. Mayans, Aztecs aand Incas worshipped sun. Inca made sun images in gold.

Gold is called chin in China. It symbolised the principal of Yang, the dualistic complement of Yin (whose metal was silver.

Aztecs called it divine excrement (Teocuitlatl = faeces of the Sun God).

The alchemists maxim ‘aurum nostrum non est arum vulgi (our gold is not the gold of the masses)suggests that to him gold meant not literally the metal, but rather esoteric knowledge.

In classical antiquity, medicinal herbs were dug out with golden implements, so that their powers would not be diminished and gold jewellery was believed to ward off magic spells.

In Babylonia

Scarcity , malleability and beauty made gold a desirable medium for the execution of holy and valuable objects in the Near East.

Coins and jewels were made up of gold. In Mesopotamia goldsmiths were distinguished from other metal workers.

The earliest gold objects discovered were rings dated around 5000 BCE. They were discovered in a cave in Nahal Qana in Palestine. Occasional gold objects were discovered from 4th millennium BCE. A FINELY MADE WOLF’S HEAD WAS DISCOVERED IN Tepe Gawra in Mesopotamia.

Gold came from Anatolia/Turkey and via Persian Gulf. It is electrum , viz naturally occurring ore of silver and gold.

Lot of golden objects were discovered from 3000 BCE.

Dasaratha , Hindu King who ruled Syria -Turkey area sent an Egyptian pharaoh two golden statues of Goddesses according to Amana Letters.

gold measure
gold snake vahana
golden crow vahana
golden eagle
golden chariot
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