American Indian Contest Anecdote (Post No.7074)

Compiled  by London Swaminathan

Date: 8 OCTOBER 2019
British Summer Time uploaded in London – 16-53
Post No. 7074

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There is a legend about of an Indian (Red Indian) chief who was wont to try the strength of his youths by making them run in a single effort as far up the side of aa mountain as each could reach by his main strength.

On an appointed day, four left at daybreak. The first returned with a branch of spruce, indicating the height to which he had attained. The second bore a twig of pine. The third brought an Alpine shrub. But it was by the light of moon that the fourth made his way back. Then he came, worn and exhausted, and his feet were torn by the rocks.

What did you bring and how high did you ascend? Asked the chief.

Aire, he replied, where I went there was neither spruce nor pine to shelter me from the sun, nor flower to cheer my path, but only rocks and snow and barren land. My feet are torn, and I am exhausted, and I have come late, but –

And as a wonderful light came into his eyes, the young brave added:

I saw the sea.


Cup and the Feet

A dinner in honour of winning members of the track meet was being held at the hotel. Various honours were given to them in the form of medals and blue ribbons. Each presentation was accompanied by a toast. Toward the end of the evening, the prize honour of all, a beautiful silver cup, was awarded to the young man who had won the gruelling mile run, thee major event of the meet.

The boy accepted the cup and a toast was proposed amid shouts of “Speech, Speech”!

He won more than the ordinary cheers and shouts of the crowd when he said,

“Gentlemen, I have won this cup by the use of my legs. I trust I may never lose the use of my legs by the use of this cup”.


Wheelbarrow Contest

Mr Block was always annoying the members of his local club with stories of his great prowess. One day a new member, already tired of the boasting and blustering, determined to quash him once and for all.

Block, said the new member, I will bet you that I can wheel something in a wheelbarrow from this clubhouse to the gate, and you can’t wheel it back.

Mr Block looked the newcomer over carefully. Not n impressive looking man, small and puny. He could think of nothing that this man could do that he couldn’t top.

O K. he said, I will take you upon that.

The newcomer smiled blandly. A wheelbarrow was brought up to the club house steps.

Rubbing his hands in great glee, the new member grasped the handles of the barrow, motioned to Bloc and said,

“All right get in!

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