Compiled by London Swaminathan

Date: 3 DECEMBER 2019

 Time in London – 20-19

Post No. 7295

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Finding no other means of recreation in the small town in which he was stranded, the traveling salesman wandered into the local poolroom.

Indicating his desire to play a game, he was shown to the only table in the place and was given a set of balls of the same uniform, dirty gray colour.

“Hey”, he said to the proprietor

“How do you expect me to play with these. I can’t tell red from the white.”

“Oh! that’s alright. You will get to know them by their shape”.


A farmer, from way back in the country, came into town one day with his pockets fairly well lined from the sale of his crops. Seeking to appear worldly, he walked into a saloon and gaming house over the entrance to which was a great sign proclaiming BILLIARDS.

Strolling up to the bar with a simulated air of assurance the farmer slapped a coin on the counter and said,

“Gimme a glass of them there billiards”

The bar keeper took a long at him and, sizing up the situation made no comment. Going into the none too immaculate kitchen behind the bar he came forth with a large foamy glass of dark and dangerous dish water which he shoved across the counter to his customer. The farmer, with his eyes slightly popping , drank it down in one long draught . Banging the glass back down on the counter he wiped his mouth and said

Wall, eften I warnt an old and hardened billiard drinker, I’d a said that there was dishwater.


Bull Fighting

At a party in Paris, the American bull fighter, Sidney Franklin, was cornered by a dowager who took him severely to task for the alleged cruelty of his art. She would have none of his careful explanations, but pattered on endlessly about the poor, helpless bulls. After ten minutes of this, Franklin came to the limit of his patience.

“Madam, he said, I can’t agree with you. I have killed many bulls, but I have always spared them the ultimate cruelty — not one did I ever bore to death!”


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