Sri Naganatha Sivam and Sri M N Kalyanasundram

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Date 25 December 2019

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A Saiva Agama seminar and Raurava Agama book launch was organised on 23rd December 2019  in London jointly by the Veda Agama Academy, Sri Kalpaga, Saiva Agama Sadas and World Hindu Mahasangam. Sri Kalyanasundara Sivacharya made all the arrangements for the event and welcomed the gathering. He said that in his recent meeting with His Holiness Sri Shankaracharya of Kanchi Kamakoti Peedam, he advised him to teach children living abroad the basic hymns. Veda Agama Academy is doing it.

Sri Naganatha Sivacharya, Chief Priest of London Sri Murugan (Skanda / Kartikeya) temple where the event was held, presided over the seminar and the book launch event. In his address he told that every year they used to go to a multifaith ceremony at the British Army Headquarters . And as a reciprocal gesture, the Chief of the British Armed Forces visited the Murugan temple. When that English gentleman was inquiring about the god in the temple Sri Naganatha Sivam told him that He is Hindu God Murugan alias Skanda who is the Chief Commander of the Armed Forces of Gods (Deva Senapati). Immediately he reacted by saying, ‘Oh then He is our man’. He showed keen interest in Hindu gods.

Elaborating on the same theme Sri Naganatha Sivam told the audience that we should present our old Puranic stories in such a way to create more interest in modern day youths. He gave one more instance to illustrate his point. Youngsters used to visit the temple and ask him with genuine curiosity who the gods in the shrine are. Immediately the priest asked them to count the number of gods in the main shrine. They would immediately reply that they see three gods there. Then Mr Sivam explain that they are the Iccha Sakti, Gyan Sakti and Kriya Sakti symbolising, ‘Thinking, Planning and Doing’ good things. This type of explanation creates more interest in them and pave way for more questions.

He also told that the Veda, Agama, Sastra and Tamil Devotional Hymns Tirumurai are complimentary to each other. The Late Chief of Dharmapuram Mutt used to explain that each branch mentioned the previous branch justifying the said order. He praised the relentless work of Sri Kalyanasundara Sivacharya in bringing out the Agamas and Saiva literature. He appealed to the people to buy such books and support the Veda Agama Academy.

Sri Vasanthan Sivacharya spoke on the topic Shadadhva (SixWays/ Adhvas). Sri Chandrasekara Sivacharya spoke elaborately on Siva Diksha. Sri Kamalanatha Sivacharya spoke on the Saiva Paddathis very briefly. All the Sivacharyas were adorned with shawls and presented with Special Titles. Sri Naganatha Sivam distributed the new edition of Raurava Agama.

Chandra sekhara Sivacharya of Kanchipuram based in Birmingham narrated some interesting aspects of Siva Diksha. He told that they are practical lessons for a Sivacharya. Even when God and Goddess are taken to bed room (Palli Arai) in the temple every night, the beds are changed according to seasonal weather. Everything that is taught to Sivcharyas while taking Diksha (Initiation Ceremony) is a practical lesson for a Siva devotee.

Sri Ram Satrigal of Chennai who is visiting UK, took part in the seminar as a special guest. He pointed out the Mantra connection between the Vedas and Agamas. He appealed to the youngsters to attend his Veda class in the same temple every afternoon. Now the students are learning about Udhaka Shanti and all are welcome to join it after Christmas Holidays.

The seminar was attended by a number of youths which was appreciated by all the speakers. The meeting was concluded with a vote of thanks by Sri Kalyanasundaram.

Sri Lambodara Kurukkal, Sri Gopi Kurukkal, Sri Ganesh Sivam and others helped the organiser in making the function a grand success.

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