Mark Twain ‘Damnedest Liar in USA!’ (Post No.7414)

Mark Twain ‘Damnedest Liar in USA!’ (Post No.7414)    

Compiled  by London Swaminathan Uploaded in London on  – 3 JANUARY 2020 Post No.7414 contact – pictures are taken from various sources; thanks.     Mark Twain,according to one story, was returning from a trip to the Maine woods. Chumming up in the smoking car with a home spun New Englander occupying the same seat, Mark said, Stranger, it is the closed season for fishing up here , but just between you and me, I have got two hundred pounds of the finest rock bass, out there in the baggage of the car, that you have laid your eyes on.   Was! Drawled the Marks , that’s interesting, new acquaintance ,but dy’e know  who i am? Not guilty , Mark replied, who are you ? Wall,came the reply, I am the State Game Warden Quoth Mark, Now doesn’t that beat the Dutch? Say , d’ye know who I am, Warden? I am the damnedest liar in the United States!   Xxxx   Daniel Webster liked to commune with plain people whom he encountered. On one of his fishing excursions he wanted to try a certain brook and he drove to a house of a certain Mr Baker whom he knew nearby,and asked permission to leave his horse a few hours. Mr Baker volunteered to go with Webster and show him just where the people usually fished at the brook. The old man pointed out the spot. The ground was very muddy. Mr Webster sank in half way up his leg. Said he, Rather miry here, Mr Baker.   Mr Baker answered, yes, I know, that is the worst on’t.   The mosquitoes began to bite annoyingly. With the hand that was not holding the fishing rod  webster was busy all the time slapping and scratching. Said webster, these mosquitoes are pretty thick and hungry. Baker answered, Yes I know it. That is the worst on’t. Now the heat in the damp, low ground became intense. Mr Webster wiped his forehead and rested. The he said, It is very hot down in these bushes, Mr Baker. And  Baker answered, Yes I know it. That is the worst on’t. Webster resumed his fishing and an after an hour’s struggle with the heat, the bushes, the mire, the mosquitoes, Webster said , There seem to be no fish here, Mr Baker . Came the answer, Yes I know it. That is the worst on’t. Xxx subham xxx  
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