Helpful Hints -Part 5; Secrets of Mental Magic and Formula for Fitness (Post No.7513)

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Post No.7513

Date uploaded in London – 30 January 2020

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உதவிக் குறிப்புகள்! – 5

Secrets of Mental Magic and Formula for Fitness


எனது பழைய நோட்புக்கில் எழுதி வைத்துள்ள, நான் படித்து வந்த, பல நல்ல புத்தகங்களின் சில முக்கிய பகுதிகளின் தொடர்ச்சி இதோ:


குறிப்பு எண் 15 : Secrets of Mental Magic – P 119  

Attractive Person

We know that the attractive persons is



Pleasant to be around and so on…

Personality is the expression of the way we basically think.

Think cheerfully in pirivate and we act cheerfully in public. Be content with ourselves and that contentment will show on our faces. Know that there is no reason to be afraid of anything and others will sense that we know it.

குறிப்பு எண் 16 : Readers Digest November 1978

Formula For Fitness :

Gain 9 to 20 years of Life!

Finally, consider for a minute how physical fitness may affect your future. According to longevity projections if you exercise regularly you will gain four years of life. If you don’t smoke you will gain 3 to 8 years and if you control your weight, 2 to 8 years. That is between 9 and 20 years, you can add to your life through preventive medicine in just three risk-factor areas.

குறிப்பு எண் 17 : Readers Digest November 1978

Formula For Fitness :

15 minute Walk!

For example, working with a group of men who had a history of anxiety-tension problems, researches found that a 15 minute walk brought more relief than a mild tranquilizer.

குறிப்பு எண் 18 : Marvels of the Mind p-162

Positive Emotions :

Enthusiasm, love, tenderness, sympathy, affection, hope, faith and joy are positive. Rage, anger, annoyance, irritation, hatred, fear, anxiety, worry, grief and pain are negaitve, unpleasant.

When negative emotons are very forceful, they are harmful. A slightly nervous athlete may do better than a perfectly cool one. But the over nervous football player misses even an easy goal. The slightly nervous student may be impelled to more intensive study. But the student who approaches the examination with trepidation will probably fail. Because it is so easy for negative emotions to get out of hand and do damage. We should rather cultivate strong positive emotions and do even better without the risk of harming ourselves.

குறிப்பு எண் 19 : readers Digest August 1977 p-25

What Lucky People Do? :

What do lucky people do that unlucky people don’t do?

… I am convinced that most people can improve their luck simply by incorporating these five characteristics into their dailly life:

  1. Form many friendships
  2. Honour your hunches
  3. Be Bold
  4. Limit your losses
  5. Prepare for Problems


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